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DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas


I say this every year but Christmas just seems to have this unnerving ability to sneak up on me when I’m looking the other way and I suddenly find myself more than halfway through November with nothing planned…  Indeed, it’s happened again and I was beginning to panic but instead decided to get organised.  I adore Christmas and love to make the most of it, planning breakfasts with Santa, Christmas light walks (one of my favourite activities), advent books, Christmas Eve boxes, festive shopping trips, Christingles and so much more.


One of my absolute favourite parts of the whole season is immersing myself in baking and craft sessions with the children and today I have been starting to research all the little homemade activities that we love to do together, including making holly wreaths, pomanders, shortbread, Christmas cake, salt dough decorations and Lebkuchen.  Oh, and not forgetting the delightful stained glass window biscuits that we make to hang on the tree every year – they are so beautiful and super easy to make!


For more homemade decoration ideas, I have been perusing this Christmas DIY Decorating Bible, which is jam packed with brilliant inspiration, from small projects that the kids can do, to more complex activities, including my personal favourites – snow clouds!!  Not a chance I’d ever be able to make them, but they are super cute.


Do you like to make, bake and create things over the festive period?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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