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One Day

One day your voice will fall silent

One day your hand will not grip mine

One day side bay 10 will cease to be your home

One day its resident seagull will tap the window in recognition at a whole new person

One day I won’t pack sandwiches for nan

Because one day you will be unable to eat lunch side by side

One day I will leave the house and not follow my heart to the hospital

One day I will not have to arrive in time to feed you lunch

One day there will be no cause to tick the boxes that order that lunch for the following day

One day I will not kiss your cheek in greeting

I will not reach for your hand

I will not bring endless cups of tea to your lips

I will not burst with pride at your courage

Nor be inspired by your love

One day I will hear my last “thank you for everything”

Speak one final “I love you”

One day your voice will be a memory

(One I hope I never forget)

One day my heart will break

That day was not today

But that day is coming

One day

One day soon


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  1. Lots of love. I am crying as I know how losing a loved one feels. I have lots all my grandparents and both my parents. I do have an amazing step dad though that is still around. Be as strong as possible. Look after yourself too. Your Grandad sounds amazing and so are you x

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