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Winter Preparations and Safety Checks

The weather has turned colder this week, and winter is just around the corner. It is important to be prepared for the icy conditions of December and beyond – use this guide as a reminder of how to stay safe:

Prepare the car

Check your tyres – those with signs of wear and tear can be very dangerous in icy weather.

Help your car to stay maintained with regular checks – checking the oil, water and fuel are basic tests that can be carried out daily during winter. For more maintenance ideas, check your local trade centre.

Stock up – carry provisions including warm clothes, water and snacks in case of a break down; make sure you always have de-icer and a scraper with you.

Prepare your home 

Get the boiler serviced – heating and hot water are essential during colder months so make sure your boiler is working effectively and prevent costly breakdowns.

Consider insulation.

Stock up on candles and torches – inclement weather can increase the risk of power cuts.

Enlist Drainage Services to inspect guttering and make sure your home is draining safely before the cold weather has a chance to adversely affect proceedings.

Prepare your family

Wear layers – make sure little ones head outdoors in layers, and always remember hats and gloves. Dressing appropriately for the weather keeps kids happier for longer when out and about, and during play times at school.

Do you have any more tips for getting ready for winter?

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