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Spring Fashion Wishlist

Having endured several wet weekends on the bounce, as well as bouts of ‘flu and colds aplenty, I think it is fair to say my tolerance of winter is well and truly depleted.  It has felt long, cold and difficult this year, for many reasons, and I am very much looking forward to Spring raising its sunny head.  I am hopeful of brisk, bright family walks, less mud on the football field (yes, Sonny is now obsessed with the beautiful game) and, sadly, optimal clothes-drying weather.

With the advent of a new season comes the opportunity to rejuvenate a jaded wardrobe, injecting fresh colour and style.  Volunteering in a school means dressing for the job you want (at least it does in my case) and I would like my style to reflect this more over the coming months.  I have been browsing for new staples to add to my depressingly sparse collection.

Layers still being an integral part of the British Spring (and beyond, let’s be honest), I have been in search of jumpers and just love the colour of this one, available here.

esprit oneDesigned to keep you warm throughout the season, this jumper is great value for money and can be teamed with many different items of clothing to create a variety of looks.  The colour is warm and vibrant and really helps when it comes to tying a look together.  I love it and feel it would make a great addition to my wardrobe, particularly alongside these trousers from Esprit.

127EO1B004_014_20 Smart and functional, these wardrobe essentials are perfect for Spring, Autumn and even Winter fashion and versatile; they could be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.  I can see myself wearing them in school for a practical yet professional look.  I also really like this ultra-pale pink blouse, available here.  I love that it looks smart but the soft rose colour lends a feminine, playful edge.esprit 2I am also on the lookout for suitable footwear for Spring and would love to hear suggestions if anyone has any?  I pretty much spend the entire Summer in sandals and Winter in boots with trainers featuring heavily throughout the year too.  Something a little fun and different would certainly be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.  Other than that, my Spring fashion wishlist is complete – layers, light jumpers and smart basics.  What could be better?





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