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Out of Bounds, Rustington


A few miles to the west of Worthing, not far from Littlehampton, lies a child’s paradise in the form of Out of Bounds.  Featuring soft play, clip n climb, bowling, foot golf, adventure golf and laser tag, there is really far too much fun for one day.  However, that didn’t stop us from fitting in FIVE of the activities one day in the autumn!





Having been desperate to try the clip n climb for years, the children raced to this activity first.  They were so excited!  I had thought that Sonny might be a little wary of some of the climbing options but both he and Jas went on everything, and got to the top of most things too.  I was very proud and in awe of them – I don’t exactly have a head for heights myself.




I was particularly amazed that Sonny had the courage (and balance!) to climb to the very top of this ladder!




The activity that I had been most intrigued about was the foot golf, having never really heard of it before.  We hired footballs (for a £5 refundable deposit per ball) and headed outside to the golf course.  The game itself was pretty self-explanatory – simply try and get your football into each hole of the course in as few moves as possible – and gave us the opportunity to take in some fresh air and enjoy the relative quiet.




Whilst we were outside, we decided to try out the adventure golf, which was good fun.  The course is pleasantly interactive with plenty of attention to detail that makes it fun and interesting for players of all ages.




The children got a little competitive and took it more seriously than we perhaps expected them to!






Back indoors, we enjoyed milkshakes and bowling.  We all agreed that the bowling was the most user-friendly setup we have ever encountered and we would definitely go back for more.  Finally, the children ran off the last of their, seemingly boundless, energy in the large soft play area whilst us adults recovered with coffee.




Out of Bounds isn’t the cheapest entertainment centre on the south coast, but it is definitely the most fun.  Activities can be booked here.

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