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3 of the Best UK Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have exploded in recent years and it can be difficult to work out whether they are worth the (sometimes astronomical) prices.  I’ve tried a fair few over the years – some have ended up disappointing but there are a small number that have impressed and I have kept up with.  Here are three of my favourite UK subscription boxes:

Buddy Box

Marketed as a “hug in a box”, the Buddy Box contains five products designed to give the recipient a mood boost.  At £21.50 a month, this is not a cheap option but worth it if you like the idea of a treat every four weeks.  I have never been disappointed by the boxes despite the price tag.  There is also the option of ordering one off boxes (also priced at £21.50), which is perfect if you want to treat a friend who has been going through a stressful time.


Degustabox send out a box full of between 10 and 15 different food and drink products each month for £12.99 (with free shipping).  We have been using this service for about 4 years now and still get excited to see what is in a new box.  I am not particularly adventurous with food so have found Degustabox a great way to try things I wouldn’t have picked out myself!

Toucan Box

Probably my favourite every subscription box, Toucan Box send out a new art or craft activity (letterbox size) every fortnight for just £5.95 a pop.  We have used this service with Jasmine since she was 3 or 4 and she still finds them interesting now at 9.  She has learned so much over the years and enjoyed countless art projects, finding out about famous artists along the way – she even completed her first qualification by completing Toucan Box projects!

With so many different boxes to choose from, which one will you try next?

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