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The Planet That Never Sleeps

We are increasingly a 24-hour society.  When I was a child, in the mid-90’s, we didn’t even have internet at home and those who did, I’m pretty sure, weren’t able to order in food, buy last-minute presents, send flowers, book holidays or manage their banking at 3am.

24hoursFast forward 20 years and we can do all of those things from the comfort of our own beds, if we so desire.  The advent of online shopping has paved the way for many more activities and resources, with the majority of us using the internet to book flights and hotels, order takeaways and pay for services.  One of the most useful services to have been moved online is banking.  Rather than having to schlep to your nearest branch several times a week, it is now possible to manage everything from you PC or tablet, or even your phone!

One such amenity is Ulster Bank anytime, which enables customers to check balances and statements, manage payments, set up direct debits and standing orders, send money to friends and family, set up text and email alerts, and download a mobile app; this latter feature meaning that you can not only bank anytime but anywhere too.  The service is available to all customers over the age of 11, which makes it the ideal tool to teach young teens and tweens how to manage their own money sensibly – definitely something that I wish I had had access to when I was younger!

So much has changed in our little World in such a short space of time, all of which really begs the question – what next for the planet that never sleeps?

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