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Going to the Grand National Festival

Sport events can be a family thing and horseracing festivals are a special occasion to visit the racetrack with the whole family. Here in the UK the two biggest festivals are the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National, both just a few weeks apart in March and April accordingly.

Horseracing may sound something adults who do gambling may enjoy more, but the truth is these events have always been family oriented with things to do aside from watching the races or testing your luck with the bookies.

Sure, the events are crowded and last the full day, which might be a little too much with children to keep an eye on. But there’s usually early morning events prior to the races were kids can enter the stables and meet the horses.

Festival booths are laid out around and inside the venue to shop souvenirs with numerous food selections. Races will begin late in the morning or noon and occur every 45 minutes.

The Grand National is probably the biggest event of its kind, not only in the UK but in the world of jump racing. The track is an adventure of obstacles, which is the reason why the race is so popular with the masses.

The race began more than a hundred years ago with town’s folk competing against each other racing through the open field in between land marks like churches. Horses would jump over fallen branches, stone walls and mud puddles. That same route is located exactly were the Aintree racetrack is built today with a replica of those obstacles, including a sharp turn on the Leeds channel were some horses end up in the water.

When is the Grand National?

Begins on Thursday 12th of April and ends the Sunday 14th.

Which day is the best day to go?

Probably the most exciting day to go will be day two on Friday, Ladies Day. Ladies Day is all about fashion and the attention is not only on the races. Most people attend dressed-up in the best fashion, some of which can be vintage or fantastical with huge wild hats.

Is not a bad idea to dress-up your kids and even enter the fashion completion to win this year’s prize, a Range Rover Evoque.

Children Tickets

Child tickets for the Grand National can be acquired by purchasing an adult ticket, once acquired call 0344 579 3001 with no extra fees. Child tickets are capped at 200 for each day, so make sure you buy them in advanced.

Child admission is restricted at 2 per adult ticket.

Horseracing is one of those sports were a little gambling for fun doesn’t hurt, why not let your kids select the winner based on their criteria? Who knows, you might score a big win. We are not a horseracing expert, for everything you need to know about Grand National betting WilliamHill will the site of choice.

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