The Great Outdoors
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Springtime Garden Use

Now that the snow has finally cleared and the weather seems rather milder (though I am currently staring out at a grey and wet landscape, it is indisputably less cold), thoughts turn to making the best use of the garden this spring.  I like to get the children outside as often as possible and find that they thrive in this environment so warm, dry weather is ideal for us all.  This spring, I would like to get a sensory garden going as well as encouraging the children to grow some fruits and vegetables.  I love the idea of them eating homegrown strawberries on bright summer mornings and have had my eye on this little kit from Waitrose for a while now.


A relaxed outdoor seating area is something that is high on my wishlist this year; I envisage fabrics and drapes, large beanbags, a hammock, some kind of table to hold books and drinks.  I would love to spend whole days in the garden lounging and reading together, though I’m unsure whether Sonny would be able to keep calm for an extended period of time!  To really make the most of the outdoors, I would like to add some string lights.  Not only are they aesthetically very pleasing but they also serve the great purpose of allowing us to enjoy the garden even when the sun has set.  Add some blankets and cocktails and you have the perfect evening – even better if the night is clear and the sky full of stars.


I am so over dark, cold, wet weather and cannot wait for long, warm, sunny days.  Here’s hoping we get lots of good weather this year!