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2018 Travel Wishlist: Californian Road Trip

We all have different travel wishlists that consist of various ideas and destinations we’re keen to visit. For me, I’ve put California right at the top of my wishlist. It’s known as The Golden State, and if there were Olympic medals given out for the best travel destinations, then it would certainly take home the gold!

My dream is to go on a tour of California – mainly because there are so many things to do/see, and so many great cities to explore. So much so that deciding on one single place to go is impossible, so, a tour it is! If I were to go on this tour in summer, here are my top picks for where to visit:

The iconic Hollywood Sign. Source


Los Angeles

Of course, you can’t go to California without taking a trip to LA. It’s the home of the Hollywood Hills and the epicenter of world entertainment. LA is a big city – it’s almost like a state within a state! There are so many great places to stay here; Beverly Hills is amazing for that high-class experience, Malibu is really good if you want peaceful beach vibes, and Downtown LA puts you right in the thick of the action. If I had to pick out one thing I’m desperate to do in LA, then it has to be the Hollywood Sign. I’ve seen it on TV and in movies so many times, and it would just be unreal to go up the hills and actually see it in person. Plus, the views…think of the views!!

The San Diego Trolley. Source


San Diego

I often feel like people forget about San Diego as it gets overshadowed by Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, it’s such a great place to travel to for a few days. Why? Well, there are some amazing beaches here, amazingly friendly people, and great attractions. I’ve been doing some research and discovered that Mission Valley is the place to be in San Diego. There are plenty of places to stay here, like the Courtyard San Diego Mission Valley hotel. It provides you with easy access to many tourist hotspots, along with the best beach in the area; Mission Beach. If there’s one main thing I’d like to do in San Diego, it’s to see the whole city via the trolley transport system!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Credit


San Francisco

San Francisco is kind of the odd one out because it’s not your typical Californian city. It isn’t famed for its beaches, San Fran is more about the lovely nature of the place and the diversity in the city. It’s often very foggy thanks to it being at high altitude, but this doesn’t make it any worse than the other two cities. One of the best places to stay is SoMa (or South of Market if you’re not well versed in the local slang) as it’s full of great restaurants and places to divulge yourself in San Fran culture. The one big thing I want to do here is walk/run across the iconic Golden Gate bridge. Again, think of the views – my Instagram would go crazy!

Does it get much better than a Californian summer in each of these cities? It’s something I’d love to do, and maybe some of you now have a new idea for your summer travel plans this year!


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