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Designer Clothes for Children

Clothing a child is expensive business, not least because they simply will not stop growing!  It is especially difficult as they get older and start taking an interest in fashion and what their peers are wearing.  Gone are the days, then, when a £2 George at Asda top will do (sadly).  Thoughts turn to the more exclusive, more expensive brands – Zara, Monsoon, Superdry, Jack Wills, Stone Island Kids.

stone islandI don’t think I’ve ever owned any designer clothing in my life – my Mum resolutely ignored my teenage pleas for PunkyFish jeans and Quiksilver hoodies – and I’m honestly not bothered by labels myself these days.  I find the styles are never quite what I’m drawn to anyway, and if that wasn’t enough to put me off, the prices certainly would be!  However, when it comes to the kids, I’m afraid I do like to spoil them rather.  Don’t get me wrong, they certainly don’t get everything they ask for, but I try my best to give them the things they really want (after all, where’s the harm in treating your children every once in a while?).  One of my favourite indulgences is kids Dsquared clothing, mostly because it offers the hardwearing durability I like alongside the style my tween daughter craves.

Kids designer clothing may be expensive (let’s be honest here) but it may help to think of it as an investment piece.  The resale value is often pretty generous and it can help soften the financial blow to know that, once your child has grown out of a particular item, it can be passed on and some of the money recouped – you can’t say the same for a cheap supermarket outfit now, can you?

Would you consider buying designer clothes for your children?

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