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Make sure you always find people in your kitchen at parties…

It is a universal truth that the kitchen holds some sort of gravitational pull when it comes to social events. And who can blame them? The kitchen is the hub of the home; it’s warm, there’s good food and drink there and there is plenty of space to stand to talk into the night.  

 In fact, kitchens are so popular at parties that part of the host’s role is often to hurrying people into other rooms in order to reduce foot traffic. So why not make for a kitchen that offers the room for people to socialise and also reduces stress when it comes to your hosting duties? 

This is how you can optimise your kitchen for your next social event… 

Bar cart/drinks cabinet 

Any kitchen primed for socialising must include a drinks cabinet, but for even more style points you can combine this with a bar cart. The bar cart is a surprisingly elegant feature that can fit into any home and with a range of styles available on the high street and from bespoke designers, you can choose an option that complements your kitchen best.  

While a drinks cabinet can be used to store a larger collection of alcohol that can be built up over time, a bar cart can be used to lay out ready made cocktails and drinks your guests can snap up without taking up much needed countertops used for food preparation. The best thing about a bar cart is that its wheels allow it to be moved from room to room depending where the space is.


Everyone loves an island 

So many larger kitchens now feature breakfast bars or kitchen islands. As the popularity of open-plan kitchen–living rooms have grown, so too has the island. This is perhaps because islands represent soft divides between different parts of the room while also providing additional worktop and storage space.  

kitchen-islandAt parties, islands are a dream come true because they provide double up as a leaning station; a bar area; a buffet table; or a dining table. For the host, the island is a place where they can prepare food and drink without feeling isolated from guests, as would once have been the case in the traditional closed off kitchen at the back of the house. 

Open shelving 

Of course any kitchen made for socialising must be built to wow guests too. And luckily there are plenty of easy ways to add function and style to your dream kitchen. Open shelving can make a real style statement, especially when installed across an entire kitchen wall.  White walls can be livened up with bold black shelves, and country kitchens can benefit from more rustic wooden shelves.  

No matter what finish you go for, open shelving allows you to showcase your most attractive homeware including plates and glassware. It’s also a nice place to add decorative elements. Ornaments, floral arrangements and herbs can be arranged alongside homeware for a more balanced look. 

Not only are kitchen shelves attractive, they become especially handy during parties, enabling guests to select their own glasses and serve themselves refreshments. 

Connect to the outdoors 

Depending on the season (or whether you are accommodating smokers perhaps) it can be important to consider the indoor–outdoor workings of your kitchen. Homes with bifold doors or French doors can turn a socializing space into a much bigger one if done carefully. 

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