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Summer Sun Wishlist

It is only in recent years that the promise of warm, sunny weather in a holiday has ever appealed to me; prior to this I resolutely stuck to Northern European city breaks (Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Brugges).  These trips adequately satisfied my wanderlust and didn’t pose the same risks as beach holidays, ie I was unlikely to be burned to a crisp within 30 minutes of landing.

Amsterdam letters

In 2016, however, we were invited to visit family in Paros, a Greek Island effectively defined by its climate.  And guess what?  We had a great time.  The bright, warm weather meant that we could be outside for as long as wanted every day.  The children could swim in the sea, build sandcastles, play in the park long after they would usually be indoors at home.  They slept so much better as a result of all the fresh air and exercise and barely touched a screen in two weeks.  Furthermore, I discovered that yes, I will still burn easily if out in direct sunshine (I am a redhead, after all) but even hot countries have shade, and what better way to while away the hours than by reading?  I was sold.


This summer, we have a trip to Italy booked for the end of August, which is very exciting.  An hour’s train ride away from Venice, we intend to visit the city during our stay – one more destination ticked off the bucket list!  The rest of the time we will be utilising our hotel’s water park or private beach, swimming, having a laugh and making memories as a family and probably eating rather a lot of pizza…

In addition to this, we have recently booked a holiday to Spain for October half term, a mere 30 minutes away from Barcelona but at an altogether more reasonable price!  Spain is a perennial favourite with British holidaymakers and, whilst I have never been before myself, I can see the attraction.  The weather is almost guaranteed to be lovely and the beaches are plentiful and pristine; there is also so much to see.  In Barcelona alone, we have at least two days’ worth of adventuring planned.  Click here for your own Spanish inspiration.

Are you planning a summer holiday this year?  I would love to hear your plans in the comments.