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3 Birthday Gift Ideas for 10 Year Olds

This year sees Jasmine turn 10, somewhat unbelievably.  The day itself may not be until December but I have already started thinking about how to make it special.  Ten feels huge; double figures.  A milestone.  Inching closer to high school and greater independence.

We have started talking about a party – a disco to share with all her friends and most likely the last big party she will have until she turns 16 (a scary prospect) – and she has some firm ideas about the gifts that she would like.  The last time we spoke about it, these included a Garmin child’s activity tracker, a Polaroid camera and vlogging equipment.  Yeah, she’s not a cheap date these days!

I have been toying with the idea of saving the gift ideas for Christmas or farming them out to family and instead buying her something a little different; some kind of experience day that she won’t forget for a long time.  Or a puppy.  No, let’s stick with the experiences for now…

The first to catch my eye were these Junior Driving Experiences, ideal for any thrill-seeker.  Jasmine has always loved anything remotely exciting (which I attribute to riding all the coasters at Chessington when I was 3 months pregnant and didn’t yet know!) and I can only imagine her sheer delight at being let loose in an actual car!


My second idea was a zookeeper for the day experience at our local mini zoo, Drusillas Park.  These are pretty expensive but such a wonderful experience and I know Jasmine would thrive on getting up close to the animals and engaging in behind-the-scenes action.  I am so tempted by this idea and just need to put in a good word with her Dad…

drusillas six

My third and final idea (for now) is a bedroom makeover, though this is now not going to be an option for us as we want to move and give Jasmine her own bedroom before we redecorate and this is likely to be next summer rather than in time for her 10th birthday.  However, I think it would make a really lovely 10th birthday gift for any child.  Jasmine is keen to have a space-themed room with decor, furniture and accessories all tying in.  I can see the finished room in my head and it will look amazing, I just hope we have the funds to do it once we have moved!

I have always tried hard to make birthdays special, much more so than Christmas, as they are the one day a year that is all about the individual child and it is lovely to be able to celebrate them so wholly.  I do tend to go a little OTT but figure they are only small once so why not spoil them while you can?!  Let the 10th birthday planning commence!

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