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The Best Far Eastern Film Locations to Visit as a Family

Exotic locations used in films are often popular with tourists and fans, but how do they stack up as family holiday destinations?  Understandably, many British families choose to holiday in nearby France, Spain or Italy but the Far East is fast becoming a family travel hotspot.

Let’s take a look at three of the hottest places around, and the films that made them famous:

Thailand – The Beach

Made famous in 2000 by Leonardo DiCaprio in the popular film The Beach, Maya Bay in Thailand is an exquisite location that is perfect for families looking to get away from it all.  Keen to experience an amazing family holiday to Thailand?  There are so many to choose from; visit destination2.co.uk for more details.

maya bay thailandBali – Eat, Pray, Love

Back in 2007, Eat, Pray, Love was the must-read self-help book with a difference, and the film that followed in 2010 was just as popular.  As well as Rome, Julia Roberts’ character visited Bali, with the express purpose of finding love.  With sparkling blue-green waters and fragrant tropical forest breezes, Bali is a gorgeous destination, there’s no doubt about it.  The temples and cafes shown in the film demonstrate another side to the area but while Bali can be a bit of a party paradise and of course has its downsides, there are, nonetheless, plenty of ideal holidays to suit families.

Japan – Lost In Translation

One of my favourite films of the early 00’s was Lost In Translation.  The whole will they/won’t they theme is, of course, a well-worn one when it comes to films and TV but Lost In Translation had an understated quality that puts me in mind of Before Sunset (which, incidentally, I adore).  Set in Tokyo, the sights and sounds of city are abundant throughout the film and you may feel that they could be overwhelming for children.  However, our personal experiences of city breaks as a family have been completely positive and I would always recommend them, if you are curious about them.

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  1. Looks amazing, Expect it costs a fortune to go. Until then think its time to slip The Beach into the dvd whith some choccy’s and wine…

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