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Gardening Minus the Green Fingers…

I am not a natural gardener.  Indeed, I kill things.  Unintentionally yet nevertheless determinedly and resolutely.  My mother’s day plant from my children withered and died within days; every herb I’ve ever owned and valiantly attempted to cultivate has darkened and dried up with alarming speed; even flowers wilt almost as soon as they enter the vicinity of my home.  When Sonny brought home a bean from school earlier this year, I was adamant that I would nurture this thing until it grew big and strong.  I watered it gently every single morning and found new and ingenious ways of propping it up until it grew strong enough to support its own height.  Alas, it never did, despite the chopsticks rammed with unfailing optimism into its soil.  Granted, it still looks green at the moment but it is collapsing in on itself and of no use to anyone.  Yep, I did it again.

I should stick to cacti.

So, how does one so completely useless at gardening maintain such a space?  Artificial grass is an absolute must (yes, I can kill grass too!) and so easy to maintain.  It looks so natural these days too, I mean why wouldn’t you invest?  FYI, you don’t need to mow it either!  Win win.  As you can see from the image below, it’s also a fantastic base for children’s play equipment which makes it ideal for a family garden.


Another of my preferred cheats is to get the kids planting things in pots, therefore if it all goes wrong I can honestly say it wasn’t my fault, though to be honest they’ve actually had a lot more success than I ever have!  They’re also great at putting a creative spin on things like what can be used to contain plants and flowers (think wellies and tyres for starters!).  So far, we have planted herbs, strawberries, tomatoes and sunflowers and I love them all.  Adding colour and scents to your garden is not only pleasant for you and your family but can also help to attract bees too, which is a plus for everyone.

Growing vegetables can also be done in pots, which is such a fun and useful lesson for children, especially if you want them to grow up to be slightly more green-fingered than you.  Having children is such an education in itself – it took me until I had my little ones to discover that potatoes can be grown in buckets!

So, as you can see, gardening doesn’t have to just be about maintaining grass and plants and lots of complicated hard work.  It can be as simple as whacking in the artificial stuff and decorating the space more or less how you would any other room – furniture and lights included!


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