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Gift Guide for Motorcycle Moms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means—it’s time to spoil Mom rotten! From staying up with you until all hours of the morning when you were an infant to putting up with your teenager sass for years, your mother has done more for you than you will ever know. Show your gratitude with more than just the cliché flowers. Show her that you appreciate her and all she continues to do for you with a new women’s motorcycle jacket, a sleek new helmet or something as equally cool as the woman herself.  

Head Gear 

Let your mom know that none of her safety advice went unheeded by presenting her with the very item you gave her heck about when she suggested you wear one: a brand-new motorcycle helmet. Off-brand isn’t good enough for your mom. She needs something stylish, durable and just as classy as she is. Check out the motorcycle helmets for women from Shoei, Fly Racing and O’Neal. Present her with a quality helmet and you just might steal the title of Favorite Child.  

 Sweat Proof Makeup 

 Just because your mom is a BA doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to look pretty. Give your mom the gift of eternal beauty…or, you know, the next best thing. Sweat-proof makeup will keep your mom’s face looking fresh on all rides, even after she puts that brand-new helmet on. Sweat-proof cosmetics include concealer, mascara, powder, foundation, eyeliner and blush.  

 A Rider’s Wallet 

 YOU can’t carry a purse when on a motorcycle so why should Mom be expected to carry one? Make life easier for Mom by getting her a compact wallet that can hold her cards, keys and cash. There are several brands that make motorcycle wallets with secure, no-slip neoprene bands. These wallets are often lightweight, compact and heat resistant, perfect for the biker mom on the go.  

Your mom deserves a Mother’s Day gift as cool as she is. Step up to the plate and shop the riding gear and accessories at BikeBandit.com 

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