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3 Times In My Life When I’ve Needed Money… Fast!

It’s fair to say that life does not always follow the path we choose and, inevitably, we can quickly find ourselves caught short in the finance stakes.  For example, ten years ago I discovered I was 20 weeks pregnant completely out of the blue and was still living at home whilst my boyfriend was living in a bedsit that barely accommodated one person, let alone 2 and a bit!  We needed to find somewhere to live as a family (including my then 9 year old stepson) almost immediately, which is never without its problems. Firstly, we needed somewhere with 3 bedrooms that was local to my stepson’s school and, vitally, affordable.  After weeks of searching, we found somewhere suitable but still needed to source the deposit and first month’s rent.  Our little bundle of joy being something of a surprise (albeit a wonderful one), we were not financially prepared for this at all and were forced to resort to borrowing money from family to tide us over before it was too late.  As it was, we moved into out first family home on October 8th 2008 and our baby arrived on December 3rd that very same year.  Here she is meeting my grandparents:

IMG_4844.JPGThe second time I found myself in need of a rapid cash injection was when I was pregnant with my second child and needed to buy the large essentials – things like his pram and cot, which are such expensive items.  Having exhausted our family loan options, we researched other ways to quickly make some cash and managed to sell a few things online to over our costs though we found many other directions that we hadn’t previously considered; short term loans could be something to look into, for example.

Lastly, once my two children were both at school, I started to think about getting back into work and decided to retrain as a teaching assistant.  As excited as I was by my plans, the associated costs ran into thousands and it was clear that we really needed a boost to enable me to realise my dream and reach my intended goal.  This time, we opted for a combination of our previous efforts, combined with some of our own savings and thankfully managed to raise the funds and I qualify as a Level 3 TA next month.

I hope this post goes to show that whatever you want or need there is usually a way of making it happen, of making it work, however impossible the financial constraints may feel at times.

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