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Pride In Our Community

Pride in your community can take many forms and be inspired by the smallest of things; for me and mine it is the family-centric aspects of our home town that make us happy, make us smile.  Take our favourite pub, for example; The Clissold Arms.  Some pubs you’ll find won’t even allow children on the premises.  Not the Clissold Arms; no, they actively encourage families to hang out together.  And what could be more important than that?  In my opinion, families don’t always get enough time to just chill out together; there is so much emphasis these days on getting things done.  Achievement, attainment, the sheer damn glorification of busy.  The belief that for family time to be enjoyable, it needs to entail, at the very least, a theme park and a couple of hundred quid.  It’s not for us.  Instead, we seek solace in one of the most child-orientated establishments in Finchley, which just so happens to also sell wine.

clissold arms As well as child-centric eateries, we have all the usual parks, soft play and pools; we are also the proud home of the Arts Depot and Stephen’s House, both of which are fantastic for family-friendly theatre.  There are so many options for families with children of all ages that it’s not difficult to see why we have such a pride in our community and a love of all things Finchley; of all things North London. There is also an innate pride in we residents when it comes to the easy multiculturalism we have embraced; living proof that regardless of differences, we can all get along just fine.

I can definitely recommend a visit to the capital if you, too, would like to experience the many, varied flavours of community life

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