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A budget-friendly Vacation in South East Asia

Travelers often get anxious about their travel dollars and the budget. Sometimes, costs are the deciding factor where one wants to holiday or enjoy a vacation. Well, South East Asian countries are popular because of the cheaper holiday options.  The costs of accommodation, food, and transport are already cheaper here. However, one can still stretch their budget with a mix-and-match approach. The chains of Kuala Kangsar hotels are already very popular with the tourists because of their professional services and lower costs. 

The types of accommodation
Budget accommodation in South East Asia varies from homes, one room hostel, capsule hotels that are located in both cities and rural places. One can explore backpacker hostels, guesthouses, budget hotels, and family-run homestays and bungalows. Modern hostels and luxury hotels are clean and offer the best facilities at prices that cost less when compared to a hotel in other parts of the world. Room rates can vary based on the level of luxury.  

What is your budget?
One can book their accommodation from sketchy dorms to luxurious palaces when holidaying in Southeast Asia. However, there are plenty of options between those two extremes, and a lot will rely on where you want to go and what is your budget. You can spend 25 $per night and get a very good room with A/C, television and a private bathroom. It is best to be a bit flexible with your budget so as to land a great deal. Just ensure that you don’t run out of money by the end of your trip. 

What to watch out for?
When searching for and booking accommodations, don’t believe everything you read. Ask your freedoms, read revise and get referrals before making your mind. Experiences could vary for backpackers, families with kids or couples during their honeymoon. Having a good Wi-Fi connection is essential. Mosquito nets are must if you are staying in rural areas as mosquitoes can be dangerous in some parts of Southeast Asia. Look for freebies like extra bottles of water, free shuttle and other perks like cheap laundry service or free breakfast. Keep an eye on cleanliness and safety. 

Look for offer all-inclusive packages
It is not going to be difficult when looking for all-inclusive deals as there are dozens of hotels throughout South East Asia that offer all-inclusive rates and packages.  You need to be sure what you are paying for and it could be meals, activities, or even cocktails in an all-inclusive resort. Get all of the facilities you are looking for, and it could be a romantic getaway or a family beach holiday. 

The location of your accommodation
Be very careful about the location of the place you are staying at. Keep away from the big cities in South East Asia as they can be extremely congested and it can be challenging to make your way around at times. Book a place on the outskirts and close to the major attractions. Ensure that your hotel is close to the airport or the station. 

Some favorite places to stay
Golden Roof Hotel Kuala Kangsar offers the best facilities and services at an affordable cost. It is just minutes away from the local attractions such as Masjid Ubudiah, Mydin Mall, Cave Temples and Movie Animation Park. There is a mini market right under the hotel, and this is very convenient. Some other great options are Samabe Bali, Oberoi, Lombok, Melia Bali and El Nido Resorts. A couple of other favorite hotels include White Villa and Box Hotel in Vietnam, TriJaya Guest House, and Same Same Bungalows in Indonesia, Rachana Hostel in Cambodia. 


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