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Day Trip to Liverpool

I have a deep fascination with the North of our country, having forever lived within 10 miles of the South coast and mostly only explored other regions of the South.  In fact the furthest North I have been would probably be Birmingham or Norfolk (my geography isn’t great so I’m unsure which of these is actually further North…).  I have a long list of “Northern” (I appreciate my definition of Northern is not in fact definitive) places I would like to visit, including York, Whitby, Sheffield, Chester and Liverpool.
I would love to spend the day in Liverpool on the way to Dublin, which is one of my favourite cities.  I feel that Liverpool is well worth a visit with children and would love to take them to St John’s Gardens and The Beatles Story, which I think Sonny would enjoy given his new-found love of the band!
Alongside the historical aspect to Liverpool, there is also a thriving modern shopping centre, including the popular mall, Liverpool One.  I can see myself and Jasmine spending a lot of time (and money!) here, with all her favourites in one place, including Smiggle, Lego store, Build-a-Bear, Claire’s, Gap and so many more.  The mall also hosts a number of events in Liverpool including the current Summer Circus.  It is lovely to see such diversity in a city so small, with something for everyone, rich in culture yet deliciously fun and frivolous too.
The big wheel would definitely be high on our list of attractions and the ferry and bus tours also appeal; we have done these in a number of cities and always find them to be interesting and informative.
liverpool01I asked Sonny what he would most like to do in Liverpool, given the opportunity, and he said it would have to be the Anfield Tour.  Ever since Mo Salah arrived in Liverpool and went on to win the Premier League Golden Boot, Sonny has been obsessed with him and with the club so this would be a little bit of a dream come true for him, proving that Liverpool is a city that really does have something for everyone!
Would you like an adventure in Liverpool?  Or have you already been and loved it?  I would be interested to hear your stories in the comments!

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