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Holiday Homes in Spain

With around 1.3 million Brits living abroad (the majority in Spain) it’s clear to see that, as a nation, we are tempted by the sights, sounds and, let’s face it, sunshine, of our European neighbours.  Many of us spend our summers visiting the likes of Italy, Greece and France and some of us, as mentioned above, even move away, but what about the middle ground?  For me, as much as I love travelling and seeing new places, I could never imagine taking the leap and actually moving away from my family and friends.  If you’re like me, a holiday home could be just the compromise you are looking for.
spainAll the excitement of living in a hot country but without the upheaval of actually leaving everything behind permanently.  As Spain is so popular with so many English nationals, I have been having a sneaky little look at holiday homes over there, particularly these new development villas Marbella has to offer.  With Marbella Real Estate looking as gorgeous a prospect as ever, it is difficult to find fault with the idea…. though, of course, finances may present a stumbling block for some of us, sadly.  If you would like to see more of the luxury properties Marbella has to offer, visit https://www.altavistaproperty.com/
Benidorm is another popular Spanish resort and is rather anglicised which might help ease a transition if you decide to grab a second home in the area.  There is unlikely to be a language barrier to contend with and I’ve even heard that they do some of the best fish and chips outside the UK!
spainHave you considered buying a holiday home?  Where would your dream holiday home be situated?

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