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My New Sleep Routine

This week, I started a new job that actually requires me to leave the house sometimes.  For someone who has been working from home for the past five years, this has come as quite a shock to the system, let me tell you.  As soon as I accepted the job offer, I knew I would have to put some scaffolding in place to support my transition from an over-caffeinated zombie home-based freelancer to all-singing, all-dancing regular human (the journey is not quite complete, suffice to say).

Working from home meant flexibility and late nights working hard followed by early mornings rushing around trying to get the kids to school on time were par for the course.  However, being home-based meant that if I needed a siesta, I could have one, which is not the case in my new job.  Consequently, I’ve worked hard to try and find a new sleep routine that helps me settle earlier, sleep better and wake feeling more or less refreshed.

Taking inspiration from the many years spent trying to settle my children to sleep, I started with a hot bath and added some relaxing candles.  I turned off my phone so I couldn’t be distracted and properly relaxed.

bubble-bath-and-candlesNext up, I tried a warm drink and a supplement whose soporific effects are well-documented.  Neuro Rest is a natural sleep aid and anxiety relief pill, which I have been taking with a glass of warm milk (yes, I am a child).  So far, so good – there are zero side effects and I am finding that not only is it easier and easier to fall asleep (I used to take hours sometimes) but I am waking up less frequently during the night.

Finally, because I struggle to just switch off entirely, I have been taking a book to bed.  I used to read on the Kindle app on my phone at bedtime but figured a paperback was less likely to keep me awake unnecessarily.  Within a couple of pages, I’m finding that I am on the verge of sleep already these days, it’s amazing!

So, there we have it, my new sleep routine.  Simple, straight-forward and cheap but effective.  What’s your bedtime routine?

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