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How to Best Present Your Home for a Quick Sale

There are dozens of sites online that promise invaluable insight into selling your home quickly (whilst still getting the best price), but few concentrate on the aesthetics of the interiors.  This is my speciality and I would rather leave the more technical business of chains and contracts to the experts.  So, here are some simple tips that you may wish to employ when selling your house:


It sounds obvious, but this is one of the best things you can do, and probably the easiest.  Rid each room of excess stuff that has accumulated and either sell the items, give them away to charity or put them in storage.  However, don’t go overboard – prospective buyers will need to see how each room can best be utilised before they are able to envisage themselves living there, so removing everything could well leave them feeling cold.


Give the walls a new lease of life with a fresh coat of neutral paint, leaving your home feeling lighter and more spacious.  Pay attention to detail and remember to paint doors and features too.

Repair and clean

Fix any small problems such as holes in walls, torn carpets and broken knobs and handles.  Consider investing in larger projects such as replacing doorframes and skirting boards as these details may not be so noticeable when they look good but are really obvious when they aren’t up to scratch!  Once you’re happy that everything is structurally fine, clean everything until it gleams and don’t forget your outside space too!

Create light and airy rooms

Wall mirrors never fail to make a room appear bigger and brighter – add some to small rooms and hallways for the illusion of more light.  Clean windows inside and out and ensure all light fittings are working well and all bulbs are replaced.  Add lamps to dark corners.


Ensure that all windows are dressed properly and add plants and flowers to every available surface!  Succulents are wonderful as are bunches of bright flowers, which add colour and scent to a room.  A bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen can have a similar effect.  Consider all the scents, not just visual – think about playing some classy music or brewing fresh coffee to make your home seem even more alluring.


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