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Blogging and Me: SEO Tips

When I started this little corner of the internet 7 long years ago, I was absolutely clueless when it came to blogging; all I knew was that I wanted to record some memories of my children whilst they were small.  And that I did, though along the way my priorities changed.  After years of writing and reading blog posts, I discovered that you could actually be paid for advertising content and a whole new World opened up to me.  Of course, I still wrote about my children, but my hobby was fast becoming so much more.

IMG_2351I quickly realised that I would need to make some changes to my website in order to attract business and my first step was to buy a domain.  I used GoDaddy as it was recommended to me and seemed fairly user-friendly (bearing in mind I was a complete novice) and bought WordPress hosting alongside the domain.  Smiles and Trials in its current format was thus formed.

Over the last couple of years, I have continued to learn more about blogging and SEO.  I must admit, I am still somewhat foxed by a lot of it.  The technical side never was my strong point; my strength lies in writing.  However, I have tried my best and can now attempt to make the most of my posts by adding in hyperlinks to relevant posts and using SEO keywords and tags.  With WordPress Yoast tips, it is pretty easy to navigate the World of SEO and the results are always better than if I fail to utilise them effectively.  I also try and brush up on my knowledge by reading up on sites such as Click Consult (who, incidentally, are currently encouraging us all to #SEOYourBlog).

If you are thinking about setting up a blog, or monetising your current site, my advice would be to go for it!  A lot of the terminology may seem confusing at first but the basics are simple to grasp and it is totally possible to turn a fun hobby into a well paid job.  Good luck!


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