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My Interior Styling

I would describe my ideal interior style as cosy minimalist; I say ideal because I have children and therefore any chance of things actually being uncluttered and clean are, frankly, non-existent right now.  I realise that “cosy minimalist” probably sounds like a contradiction, throwing up wildly different visions, so I’ll do my best to elaborate – I like clutter-free, I like empty space, I like clean lines and functional furniture; I like the objects I own and display to serve a purpose BUT that purpose may only be to look pretty.  Instead of the stark white of traditional minimalism, I prefer textures and colour.  I love throws and cushions, succulents and tea lights, picture frames and shelves, deep coloured woods and rich, dark fabrics.

Cozy-minimalist-bedroom-by-Alexander-Uglyanitsa-4I like a place for everything and everything in its place but I also like to have beautiful things and plush home comforts (hello, luxury bed linen from Julian Charles!).  A smart, minimalist bedside table is an absolute must, but so is a crate of books waiting to be read (of course, said books will move to the charity shop once read; I’m not a total heathen…).  I have no time for dressing tables topped with myriad potions or bookcases brimming with stuff but I still like to make myself up, to read, to listen.

I seem to be a mass of contradictions, which cosy minimalism depicts rather succinctly.


Throws are a particular indulgence; I have several and love how they can instantly alter the feel of a room.  When there are few distractions jostling for your attention, the simple act of changing your bedding or adding a new throw can make a huge impact.

I love the concept of feature walls in all their many forms – whether it be simply a block of colour that stands out from the rest of the room or a bespoke exposed brick number, I think they are fabulous.

I suppose what most appeals to me about minimalism is its understatement.  Its ability to say so much without making a lot of fuss.  It is what draws me to people, too, and to literature, cinema, music.  Understatement.  Minimalism.  Sincerity.

This is #MyInteriorStyling – what’s yours?





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