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Our Dream Business…

For as long as I can remember, my husband and I have had a dream business venture in mind.  We’ve put a lot of thought and planning into the fantasy (down to choosing Vinyline Graphics to design our sign!) but it is sadly destined to remain just that – a pipe dream.  Realistically, we simply cannot afford to spend our days running a business together that, in all likelihood, may not make a huge profit.  But the dreaming is nice, nevertheless.

What prompted our shared vision in the first place was a mutual love of photography.  When the children were small and James was a student so home quite a bit of the time, we would head off out to the beach or into the countryside and take scenic pictures that we dearly hoped to sell.  Oh, what a delight it would have been to make a business of that!  We tried.  We invested in a printer and took framed prints, key rings and other items to local craft fairs but it quickly became apparent that the market was saturated and we just could not afford to keep up (at this point I was a full-time parent to a tiny Jas and James was at uni).  We even had an exhibition at the local library, which was rather thrilling – seeing our work in a public space.  Alas, probably for the last time.

IMG_2773.JPGAround the time we decided to knock the business idea on the head, we let our imaginations run wild with what we would do if we could afford to… the business we would love to own.  Our dream business.

It would be a shop unit with a neon sign bearing our joint initials outside: EP.  Simple but hopefully effective, with the sign-making in the right hands.  The main bulk of the shop would be a gallery.  A large, bright open space with white walls and wooden frames housing our photos interspersed with shelves holding wooden ornaments from places we have visited, all for sale, of course.  Music would be piped throughout the gallery and, in the centre of the room, a broad staircase would lead to a mezzanine level with a café and bookshop.  It is essentially a space where we would ideally love to spend all of our time and is inspired by our passions of photography, travel, coffee and books.

James plays the lottery every week, just in case… but, for now, our business venture remains purely a fantasy.

This is a collaborative post.

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