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When Your 8 Year Old Loses Their Winter Coat…

You know how it is; you’re rushing around all weekend, ferrying the kids from parties to play dates to the park and back again, you make it to their football match on Sunday morning on time, celebrate their win with them and head home with a to-do list still as long as your arm… and then you realise that in your haste, you’ve manage to lose your son’s winter coat.  I take the blame because, you know, it’s easier that way.  I know that he was wearing it when he arrived at pitch-side for his match and that he was not when we left.  What happened in between is a mystery but the upshot is: he needs a new winter coat, and sharpish.

I find that with boys coats (and clothing in general) is pretty dull in comparison to girls, so it has taken me a fair bit of research to come up with a few examples of coats I would actually want to spend money on.

My favourite, assuming money were no object, is this kids Canada Goose coat:

gooseThe benefit of Canada Goose coats is their warmth and the general look of them, which I love.  The downside is the price!

I also like this FatFace coat from Next and this fisherman jacket from M&S, both of which are more in my price range.  Sadly, however, I still feel that bright coats for boys, particularly once they hit 8+, are severely lacking.  Not everyone wants to dress their boys in grey, black and navy!

Do you have any suggestions on where to find colourful clothes for boys?  I would love some more inspiration!


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