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Christmas Party Season

Over the weekend, December arrived and brought with it the unspoken assurance that it is now wholly acceptable to talk about Christmas.  Suddenly, BOOM, it’s everywhere.  My social media feeds are chock-full of advent calendars, Christmas trees, Santa visits, cheeky Elf antics and all the other assorted paraphernalia that comes with Christmas.  My calendar has also just exploded.  We don’t have a weekend free between now and the big day; we have pantomime tickets, breakfast with the big man himself and, of course, Christmas meals and parties galore.  It is all very exciting (if a tad overwhelming) but I am left with the constant anxiety over what, exactly, to wear for each occasion.

For me, festive jumpers cover the majority of occasions and can be funny, pretty or even stylish depending on your requirements and what you team them with.  Myself and the children own a few each and wear them for our pantomime trips and anywhere we might bump into Santa!  For those occasions where a little more sophistication is needed, I tend to opt for a sparkly top, black jeans or trousers and ballet shoes (I am clearly not one for dressing up, I don’t wear heels or dresses at all so sequins are about my limit when it comes to nights out!).

Children can be fun to dress up for Christmas parties, though having said that mine are now at the ages where they want to choose their own clothes and we have very different ideas on what looks nice…  Christmas dresses for girls are a huge market and come in all kinds of colours and patterns.  There are the usual reds, golds and greens and then there are some a little different.  I particularly like this special occasion dress for girls, which is from David Charles and puts me in mind of something Elsa from Frozen might wear to a ball.

christmas dressI find the choice for boys isn’t so great, and my son doesn’t enjoy dressing up anyway, but a smart jacket can really make an outfit look a hundred times better.  Boys are fortunate that Converse and jeans with a top is pretty standard fare and can be made festive with the addition of a Santa jumper or smartened up for an evening occasion simply by adding a jacket.  Comfort and social acceptability, what more could they ask for? 😉

We are really excited that December has arrived in our house and the children are counting down the days (quite literally) until the 25th.  Right, must get off the laptop and go put up the tree!


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