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Fun Festive Family Activities: Family Photoshoot And More…

Christmas is a time for joy and laughter, but let’s be real, that isn’t always the case.  

Keeping children occupied and in good spirits is equally as difficult at Christmas time as it is at any time of year. So there can never be too much Christmas activity inspiration.  

No one wants to feel the wrath of bored kiddies so let’s have a look at some festive ways to bring all the family together. Whether you prefer to stay cosy inside and get crafty or go on a big day out to some Christmas markets – there are Christmas family activities to suit everyone.  

It is the special moments when all the family are together and happy that we really get to appreciate the magic of Christmas.  

Festive family photoshoot 

One way to get all the family involved (and trapped) into doing an activity, is to book a family photoshoot at Christmas time. This is a win-win for parents as it keeps everyone entertained whilst creating some beautiful family portraits that will last a lifetime. Nousha are professional children and family photographers based in London. They take a less traditional view on the typical family photoshoot and aim to make them fun and enjoyable for everyone. This way, each family’s special and individual character is captured. You can even take the pets along! 

Why not book in for a fun family photoshoot around the Christmas period? You could take some Christmas props or all rock up in Christmas jumpers to make it extra festive.  

Doing a family photoshoot as a festive family activity is also a great idea as you could use the prints as gifts for other members of the family? We all have a granny or grandma that loves nothing more than receiving updated family photos for Christmas. Or you could even order some prints or a canvas as a well-deserved gift from you-to-you? 

Christmas lights  

An alternative to investing in a family photoshoot, though they are worth every penny, is to get involved with some kind of Christmas lights event. You could take the family along to a Christmas lights switch-on in your local town or city, where there will no doubt be food (and more importantly drink) stalls.  

christmas-woman-hot-drinkIf you would rather not take your family somewhere crowded, you could go on a ‘Christmas lights tour’ around your local area. In every area, there is that certain street that go all out with their Christmas lights and decorations. Bundle everyone in the car with some snacks and Christmas tunes then drive around to see the best houses. Free, easy and not super crowded! 


If neither a family photoshoot or Christmas lights seems like something that would keep your kids entertained, you could book a theatre trip. There is an abundance of Christmas pantomimes on during the festive period in theatres all across the country, big and small.  

You could go for something high-budget which might have a celebrity as the main character, or just head to your local theatre if you don’t want to splash the cash. Either way, pantos are a sure-fire way to get every member of the family laughing, or at least smiling… even the grumpy grandads.  

Cosy indoor activities 

If your family prefers to stay in their pyjamas as much as possible during the festive period rather than dressing up smart for a family photoshoot, why not make the most of indoor activities?  

There is plenty to do from the warmth of your home.  Baking is something that all the kids can join in with. You could make some Christmas themed cakes, cookies or brownies. Or to avoid mess you bake the cakes and get the kids involved with decorating them to their heart’s content!  


Been there, done that with baking? Pop to your local craft shop and stock up so your children can get creative. One idea is to have a go at making a Christmas wreath, homemade Christmas cards, homemade baubles and more…  

Having homemade Christmas decorations to put up around your home might not look as chic but it will make your home feel far more magical than the expensive deco you see in the shops.  

christmas-craftIf you’re feeling lazy and want to keep everyone happy with minimal effort whilst still being festive, you could arrange a Christmas movie night! Make a list of everyone’s favourite Christmas films, buy an array of festive snacks, make a big batch of hot chocolate (or coffee for the parents) and snuggle up on the sofa. Simples! 

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