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What sort of wardrobe should you invest in for your bedroom?

Your wardrobe is a key piece of bedroom furniture. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s one of the most important parts of your bedroom – after all, it’s going to hold all of your clothes, shoes and perhaps more. It will be subject to daily, heavy use and it needs to be compatible with the rest of your bedroom setup.  

With all of the above in mind, it’s crucial to make sure that the wardrobe you choose to invest in is well-suited to your bedroom, because no two rooms are created the same. Read on for our guide on choosing the right kind of wardrobe for your bedroom. 

Fitted wardrobes for longevity and timeless style  

A fitted wardrobe, whilst an initially more expensive investment, is a sensible choice for many different reasons.  

Firstly, perhaps you have a lot of belongings you’d like to store away, all of varying shapes and sizes. Fitted wardrobes are great for this purpose, with many having multiple different storage compartments containing drawers, shelves and hangers internally. 

Secondly, fitted wardrobes are built to last, so if you plan to keep a room a certain style and layout for a while, then it’s worth investing in a solid, fitted wardrobe that fits the bill and is likely to remain in place (as well as in good condition), for the duration.   

As a bonus feature, fitted wardrobes tend to have a timeless style, perfect for a bedroom that’s being designed to stay looking the same for a while. 

Standalone bedroom furniture can work wonders for portability and affordability  

On the other hand, you may be in a situation where you’re not decorating a room for the long term. Perhaps you’re buying an ‘in-between’ wardrobe for a child that is likely to change against once they grow out of it. Or perhaps your children switch rooms often. Maybe you just don’t want to commit to a fitted wardrobe yet, as you think you might be likely to move house or start some extension work soon. Fear not, this is where the standalone wardrobe comes into play. 

Portable, to be moved around when your bedroom’s layout changes, or when you switch rooms altogether, and inexpensive when compared to a fitted wardrobe – a standalone could just be what you need. 

Sliding door wardrobes for maximum space 

A smart way of maximising space, sliding door wardrobes help to not only look great, but also to create more free floor area around your wardrobe. How does this work? By sliding horizontally, rather than outwards, the sliding doors sleekly blend into your wardrobe’s exterior, looking modern, stylish and banishing that annoying ‘open door’ look that you’d get with a regular wardrobe door system. 

Perfect for smaller rooms, or for those who just want a modern, neat and tidy look in their bedrooms, wardrobes with a sliding door could be the right choice for your bedroom. 

Walk-in wardrobes for those with plenty of clothes 

Finally, if you’re one of those people who sees getting dressed as not just a necessity, but as the cornerstone of their day, then there might be something else you could consider. 

We’re talking about walk-in wardrobes. Walk-in wardrobes, which work by utilising an entire room as your wardrobe, are a fantastic way of laying everything out in front of you. Getting dressed and picking out an outfit now becomes an immersive experience, as you surround yourself in open shoe-racks, displays of jackets and rows upon rows of trousers. A dedicated follower of fashion’s dream come true!  

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