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Travel Wishlist

My last holiday was at the end of August – a week in France which (and I know I shouldn’t complain, but…) wasn’t the most restful or enjoyable holiday for me.  On day 2, I had an unfortunate run-in with some gravel which not only injured my foot and meant I couldn’t go in the pool all week but also managed to infect me – my foot started to swell at the beginning of our mammoth 24 hour journey home, which was uncomfortable to say the least.  Thanks to this, I feel like I need another holiday already and I have a wishlist rapidly building; a wishlist that I will be unburdening here:

I would like to visit America; it has come up in conversation more than once recently.  I’d like to throw some things in a backpack and set off on a US adventure.  I want to stay at Clickstay villas in Orlando with my children, to spend Christmas in New York, to drive from one end to the other and soak up the atmosphere and history.  I’d like to see where James Dean walked in my favourite photo of him (yes, I have a favourite), and listen to Shawn Mullins whilst actually heading North on 95… wherever that turns out to be.

6875706111_593f999f40_oI would like to spend some time in South Africa.  I would like James to show us all the things he knew so well as a teenager.  It’s all very well seeing photographs, but it isn’t the same as being there, not by a long way.  The beaches of Cape Town and the cells of Robben Island and the chappies and the braais; I want to see them all for myself.

I’d like to go to the Algarve; to rent a villa with a pool (ideally using Clickstay villas in Portugal) and learn to swim in its cool reaches. I would like to track the children’s carefree footprints along the sand rather than watch them stepping gingerly across pebbles as they do at home.  I would love to watch them bathe in the warm sea instead of shivering the moment they enter the water.  I want swimming in the sea to be an enjoyable pastime, not an endurance test.

Incidentally, I am spending a lot of time browsing Clickstay at the moment due to the sheer number of properties available to rent, which currently stands at upwards of 70,000.  Of course, you can whittle these down to your ideal place but the beauty of having so many available to start with is the sheer choice – there really is something for everyone.  There are also a lot of destinations to choose from, from Croatia to Cyprus, Greece to Bali or even Florida, as I mentioned above.

Finally, I would really love to visit our friends in New Zealand.  I would like to measure how high our children have grown and listen to see how their voices have changed.  I’d like to see for myself how they walk barefoot to school and spend a little too long wondering if we could make the move too.  I’d like to see the coast – I love the coast – and note how it differs from any other I’ve seen.  I would like to drive from top to bottom of each island.  I would really like that.

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