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Tips For How To Keep Your House Warm In The Winter Months

oil-heating-tipsThere is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and feeling cold. Dashing to get dressed as quick as humanly possible to avoid the chills.  Even worse is getting in from a hard day at work and feeling cold again.  In a bid to avoid this, our central heating bills end up shooting through the roof during the winter months.  There are, however, certain tips and tricks that you could try to keep your house as cosy as it can be.

So let’s have a look at how to keep your house warm at the time of year when it really needs to be.


First of all, that giant ball of fire in the sky that we so very rarely feel the effects of in the UK can work to your advantage. Believe it or not. During the day, have your curtains open to let the suns rays in and increase the temperature of the room, especially those that are south-facing. Then in the evenings when the sun has gone in, keep your curtains closed to make the room feel cosy and block out as much draft as possible from around the window frames.  

Central heating… 

We all know how to use central heating, so I won’t patronise you. But making sure your central heating timers are set just right is a big answer to ‘how to keep your house warm’.  

It’s a good idea to set your heating to start up and get going around thirty minutes before you really need it to. In the mornings, have it set to boot up half an hour before your alarm goes off and you have to drag yourself out of bed – it might make getting up a tiny bit easier (probably not though). Towards the end of the day, have the heating set to come on about half an hour before everyone gets home from school or work, so you don’t have to walk around in your coat – which we’re all guilty of doing at some point.  

Rix specialise in offering high-quality central heating oil and other services. If you’re having trouble with your gas or electric heating, why not switch? Get in touch and Rix can install you a complete oil-fired heating system. Or perhaps you already use an oil boiler but it’s playing up, you can rely on Rix to pop over and give it a full service and repair.  

heating-oil-ukRearrange furniture… 

Believe it or not, having furniture in front of your radiators is a surefire way to prevent a room heating up. So another answer to ‘how to keep your house warm’ is to have a furniture rearrange, even if it’s just for the winter months. You will be surprised how much of a difference it makes having radiators completely unblocked.  

Give the hot air a chance by letting it circulate and work its magic! 


The next step for how to keep your house warm is to insulate as much as you can. There are expensive ways of doing this or budget options which require you to get a bit more creative!  

If you’re happy to invest in keeping your house warm then cavity wall insulation is a good idea. It is surprising how many properties aren’t fully insulated even today with all the fancy products and technology that’s around. If you would prefer a quicker, less disruptive and a heck of a lot cheaper option, you could put in some roof insulation. Sadly, heat rises, and 25% of heat is lost through our pesky roofs. So why not head up into the loft and see where you can squish some insulation in the nooks and crannies that aren’t full of old junk? 

Avoid draughts… 

This method for how to keep your house warm is easy peasy but highly effective. You can buy cheap draught excluders to block any cold air coming in or hot air going out from underneath doors. Or you can take this further by using sealant or detachable rubber seals to go all around door and window frames.  

heating-tipsReflect heat… 

The last but not least tip for how to keep your house warm is to place some tin or metal kitchen foil behind radiators to reflect heat. It might seem a bit ridiculous but actually, this technique is highly effective for preventing your radiators from heating up the walls and not the room.  

Hopefully, once you’ve had a go at these tips for how to keep your house warm, your house will be toasty warm for you and your family to enjoy. An added bonus is that none of these tips really break the bank and are guaranteed to help you save money on energy bills.