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Why Every Busy Parent Should Be Using Lawn Care Services…


As parents, we can all relate to thinking we were tired and busy before having children, then once we have children we realise… we really weren’t that busy at all!  

With the school run, your career, feeding everyone, keeping the house clean and more – lawn care is the last thing on our list. It probably hasn’t even crossed your mind, right?  

Actually though, having a family with little ones means that it is especially important to keep your garden in good shape. Mainly, because a healthy lawn provides the perfect safe space for your children to play in, whilst getting fresh air at the same time. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is a metre long and/or wide or if your house backs onto acres of land – looking after your lawn will not go amiss!  

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to factor gardening into your everyday routine because that is simply not feasible and unnecessary. You should make the most of the range of lawn care services out there, so you can keep on top of your lawn’s health without really having to lift a finger.  

What can professional lawn care services offer?   

Lawn care services can offer a wide range of effective treatments to keep your lawn healthy and protected, whether you have professionals visiting your garden once a month, once every few months or even just once a year.  

Greensleeves are a professional lawn care company who specialise in providing a high-quality lawn care service to customers across the UK. You can schedule their professionals in to visit your lawn as little or as often as you like. Their seasonal treatments are a great way to make sure that your lawn can stay thriving and power through any challenges that the wonderful English weather may throw at it!  

Why you should use lawn care services… 

Focus on more important matters… 

The first big reason why lawn care services are highly recommendable for busy parents is the amount of time (and effort) that they can save. You can go as far as scheduling in lawn care treatments for each season year-round so once they are booked in – you are good to go!  

With lawn care taken off your plate, you can focus on all the other more important mum/dad duties and tackle your never-ending to-do list. You will thank yourself later and your kids will thank you too (maybe). 

Safe and happy space for children… 

Another advantage of using lawn care services is that a happy lawn can transform any garden into a fun and secure environment for children to enjoy themselves in. You might be wondering whether professional lawn treatments are safe for children and/or pets, the answer is yes!  

If you choose Greensleeves for your lawn care services, your grass is completely safe for children and pets to play on even immediately once it has been treated, so you can rest easy. The only restriction with professional treatments is that animals which tend to eat the grass should be kept off for around a week.  

Adults can benefit too… 

As well as your children benefiting from lawn care services, us adults can too!  

Having a healthy lawn means that you can generally be proud of your garden and feel happy hosting barbecues or family/friend get-togethers, knowing that the little ones can play safely and entertain themselves.  

Cocktails-in-the-Garden-Yes-Please-Summer-staycationWhy not enjoy a glass of wine or two sat out on the lawn in the summer months? Maintaining a happy-looking lawn provides you with plenty of opportunities to invite friends and family over or to spend time outdoors, without hesitation. 

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