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Creating a Child-Friendly Garden

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When there are young children in a family the garden needs to be a safe environment for them to play in. Being outside in the fresh air has physical and emotional benefits, for people of all ages, including children. Turning your garden into a safe haven for your kids need not be difficult, you just have to consider them with every step you take.

Artificial Grass

All parents should consider the benefits of artificial grass when they are trying to make their garden child-friendly. It is tough and durable and makes playing outside all year round much more of an option. The kids will not have muddy patches to slip over in and will not get grass stains on their clothes.

Artificial grass looks good in all weathers and helps to keep your garden low maintenance. It does not need to be mowed, watered or fertilized. If you go away for a couple of weeks holiday it will not have grown a few inches by the time you get back. Some people are dubious about using it because they have pets, but they will not be able to dig it up and spoil it.


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Garden Fences

Garden fences have several uses including making your garden secure and keeping your children safe. It should be very stable too, as you do not want gaps appearing that would allow little ones to wander off into other peoples gardens or maybe into the road.

For these reasons alone, you need to make certain that the garden fencing is of a good quality. Traditionally in the UK, most garden fences were made of wood. However, as this becomes weathered, bits start to fall from it and splinters appear in little hands.

There are many alternatives these days to suit most budgets.

Anti-Slip Decking And Patio Areas

Making sure your decking or patio area has an anti-slip surface can help to prevent some nasty falls for small children. Surfaces can become slippy if it has been raining and this can be a danger for people of all ages. Just imagine walking onto your patio with a tray of hot drinks and slipping on a wet patch. It could be more people than just you that are hurt.


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Lock Tools Away

Children are naturally inquisitive and if they see something such as a pair of sheers or some other sharp gardening tools, they are likely to try and investigate them. Garden forks, pruning tools and many other things you use in the garden could be a great hazard to young children and they should be locked securely out of reach and sight. Putting them into a garden shed is not enough unless the door on it locks and they cannot get into it any other way.

Buy Child-Friendly Plants

There are some plants the will irritate the skin of a child and can be poisonous for them. Plants such as yew and lily-of-the-valley should always be avoided when there are small children in the family.

Having children does not mean you cannot have a beautiful garden it just means you have to be mindful of the safety issues when you are designing it.

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