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Six Plants You Can Grow On Your Windowsill

The importance of eating organic food has gradually grown from an unlikely trend to something a whole lot more vital; we are all encouraged to eat more fruit and veg and to choose organic options where possible but the associated costs can be prohibitive.   The most affordable way of eating organic plants is to grow them yourself.  Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of space to grow a selection of vegetables and herbs; a small vegetable patch, hanging baskets, a balcony or roof terrace or even, as in my case, a sun-filled windowsill, can provide enough space to make a good start in growing your own.

We live in a small flat with no garden so our only option at the moment is to grow plants on our bedroom windowsill (this is south-facing and so receives the most natural light and warmth of anywhere in the flat).  We have made a start into the process by researching the types of things we will be able to grow and have come up with these super six:

Cherry tomatoes

Spring Onions





All of these are easy to grow indoors though will require different sizes of pots.  Caring for them regularly is vital to their success.  They will need watering, pruning and extra feeding as the nutrients they are planted with will get used up quickly – manure is an excellent way of providing the essential nutrients plants need to grow strong and healthy.


If you have children, growing vegetables is a hugely educational exercise for them.  I believe it is really important that we teach the next generation where food comes from so they can make fully-informed choices on their own nutrition.  Teaching them how to grow and care for plants is a good way of helping them to become independent and self-sufficient too and will hopefully be something they take with them as they grow themselves.  Once the plants are ready to harvest, you can also use the opportunity to further educate your children on how to cook them and the variety of meals each plant can be used for.

Generally, growing your own fruit and veg is a cheap, healthy and nutritious hobby that really makes a difference.


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