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Top 4 ways to improve your garden’s aesthetic

Is your garden starting to look untidy and dull? This is usually the case in Winter and the months following, as we tend to stay indoors, and the garden is neglected. Now we are in the midst of Spring, and Summer is just around the corner, it is time to think about updating your garden, especially if you’re planning to rent or sell your property.

To help you improve the look of your garden, read these top five tips which will help transform your exterior just in time for Summer. 

Garden spruce up

Before you even think about buying new plants or garden furniture, you need to able to see the woods for the trees. This means you need to dig out your lawnmower and weed puller to make your garden look tidy and presentable. If you don’t have the time to do this, then you can always lend a hand from a family member or local gardener.

Another way to tidy up your garden is by fixing any fences that may have been affected by the Winter weather. Even if your fences are in good condition, you should consider re-painting them or using a brighter colour to reflect the Spring season, such as blue or a lighter brown.

Colourful florals

More than likely your plants and flowers will not have survived through the Winter due to the weather or if you just forgot to tend to them. To enhance your garden, you should look for similar coloured plants like hydrangeas, periwinkles, and lavender, which will create a beautiful floral theme in your garden.

Decorating your garden with flower pots is also a great way to update your garden. You could create a wall of pots in an area of your garden or use them as ornaments in different parts of the outdoor space. If you’re a landlord, you should try to choose low-maintenance flowers, so they do not require too much effort from you or your tenant.

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Outside furniture

Depending on the size of your garden, you should add different types of garden furniture to create a homely feel.  If your garden is small, you could add a wooden bench or swing which offers a sense of comfort to your outside space. For a larger garden, you may want to invest in an outside dining area, which is perfect for entertaining guests in the summer months.

To help you find the perfect furniture for your garden, you can get inspiration from property investment experts like RW Invest, who have a variety of developments with communal gardens which feature bright and comfortable lounging areas. This is ideal for tenants who do not have the privilege of their own garden, as it still offers them a space to relax or socialise.

Enhance entrances

If you have a garden gate, then you should make sure it is in perfect condition by fixing it up, re-painting it or adding a new colour to create a welcoming space. You could even replace it completely. For example, you could swap out a wooden gate to an iron gate with intricate patterns to create a stylish entrance for your garden.

If you have a large garden, you could use create a grass archway to separate the lounge area from the main garden, which will help you create a unique outdoor space that is bound to attract interest.

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