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Front Garden Ideas For Ultimate Kerb Appeal


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If someone were to reference your “garden”, the chances are that you would immediately picture your back garden – and you’re far from alone. Back gardens tend to receive a huge amount of thought, time, and attention, but for most homeowners, there is a second garden they have to consider: the front garden.

While typically smaller than the back garden, and usually more functional by necessity, spending a little time improving your front garden can greatly enhance your house – especially in terms of all-important “kerb appeal”. If you want to give your front garden a new lease of life, here are a few ideas that are definitely worth considering…

#1 – Add an archway

In terms of a quick change to the front of your house that can make a big impact, it’s tough to beat archways – they require relatively little space, ‘installation’ usually just means assembling a few pieces, and the effect they can create is inherently charming. You could opt for a metal archway across your main footpath for a modern effect, or choose a wooden arch for a more rustic finish.

#3 – Introduce greenery

Modern design trends have meant that front gardens have a tendency to be a little “greenery-free”, with hard landscaping seen as more convenient and easier to maintain. However, greenery is just as much of a joy at the front of your house as at the back, with artificial grass from the likes of https://www.newlawn.co.uk/, faux planters, and hanging baskets the perfect choice if you want to keep the maintenance requirements low. While hard landscaping undoubtedly has a functional purpose, a few extra green touches help to give the garden element of your front garden the chance to shine.

#3 – Create a rockery

Rockeries are relatively low maintenance, but still greatly improve the overall look of any space – making them perfect for a front garden. Rockeries can also be customised to the space you have available, so if your front garden is relatively small, you can simply limit the scope of the design to ensure a good fit. If you want to give it a try, there’s a great guide on https://www.diydoctor.org.uk/ that can help you get started.

#4 – Install a water feature

Water features are most commonly seen in back garden designs, but there’s absolutely no reason not to include such a feature at the front of your home – in fact, arriving home to the sound of gently trickling water should be outright idyllic. Water features can be as complex or as simple as you need them to be, and are relatively easy to set up; you simply need to choose your feature and then contact a professional to provide the electricity. Alternatively, you could dig a pond – make sure to fence it if you have young children – and then use solar-powered fountains to achieve the same result without the need for a connection to the mains.

In conclusion

By implementing one – or more! – of the ideas above, your front garden can become a delightful space that welcomes you home in style and greatly boosts your kerb appeal to boot.