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Create a Garden for all Seasons for the Whole Family to Enjoy


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Nowadays, more than ever before, gardens are being seen as an extension of a home’s living space, and are often considered as an extra room. However, for many people, their garden lies untouched over much of the year. Often, people only venture into the garden over the spring and summer months. Of course, getting outside in the fresh air is beneficial at every time of the year. Therefore, it is a good idea to transform your garden into a usable space that can be appreciated throughout the seasons. If you are wondering exactly how you go about achieving that, read on to find out how to get more from your garden:

The Right Surfaces

If your garden becomes a muddy mess when the rain falls, you may want to rethink your surface. Good quality artificial grass is an excellent option if you don’t want a lawn that becomes muddy. It is also perfect if you prefer your garden to be low maintenance. A patio makes an excellent addition to any garden; Lifestyle Patios offer a range of patios and decks. Your patio will make a fantastic entertaining space for barbeques on warm evenings. A patio is also an excellent place to sit and enjoy your garden whatever the weather if you have a shelter to cover you.

A Place to Play

With rising childhood obesity rates, keeping kids active is a priority for many parents, and a great way to reduce their screen time. Having a garden that the kids can use to play in throughout the year is a simple and effective way to get them out into the fresh air and having fun. Try to include items that are suitable to be played with all year round in your garden, such as a football goal, swingball etc. The addition of some equipment that can be used in all weather conditions will help your garden to be used by the kids throughout the year.


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Get Growing

If you would like to get more hands-on in your garden year-round, then growing your own produce is a great way to do it. Do some research into fruit and vegetables that are most suited to your growing conditions, and which time of year their seeds need to be sown. Growing vegetables makes your garden not only a place to use for having fun and relaxing in but also a place that brings practical benefits too.

Get Some Shelter

Enjoy the fresh air in your garden even if it is raining by making sure that you have sheltered areas. If you have space, a summerhouse is an excellent addition to your garden, and the perfect place to stay dry and relax. 

Another option for adding some shelter in your garden is by getting an awning fitted. An awning will help to provide shade and make your garden a more usable space. An awning is also excellent for creating some shade for children to play under with items such as sand and water tables.

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