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Buying For The Men In Your Life: Men’s Grooming Kits And More…


Men are practically impossible to buy for. They’ve either bought everything they need already, or you’ve completely exhausted their hopeless gift ideas list. Whether you’re buying for a dad, husband, brother, uncle, friend – you name it, we could all do with some alternative and interesting new gift inspiration.  

I thought it would be useful to share some ideas, so that hopefully, the next time a birthday or Christmas comes around, we aren’t all tearing our hair out or wandering around shops in despair. Think luxury men’s grooming kits, day trips, luxury fashion items, tech, and more…  



Do the men in your life take enough time out of their busy lives to relax and look after themselves?  

The chances are, probably not. Maybe not so much these days, but there definitely has been a stigma surrounding men that enjoy dedicating time to look after their mental well-being and appearance – this really shouldn’t be the case! There are so many wonderful male beauty products and gift sets out there that can give your husband/dad the perfect excuse to pamper themselves.  

The English Shaving Company are a Sheffield-based company who specialise in top-of-the-range male (and female) grooming products. They pride themselves on offering only the best and highest quality brands of razors, shaving brushes, skin-care, beard-care, hair-care, and more – to provide their customers with a luxury grooming experience. If you’re struggling for ideas for a dad or partner, their wide range of men’s grooming kits and shaving gift sets would make for the perfect present.  

The men in your life don’t have to be especially bearded or hairy to benefit from grooming products either. Male skincare products are completely overlooked but are just as important as our own. Invest in a luxurious moisturiser or perhaps a travel kit if they are always on the go. Your options really are endless once you stop and think.  


If you think gifts like men’s grooming kits would be wasted on your man, there’s always the option to go for something more action-packed. There are so many active and unique activities and experiences to choose from. Paint-balling, go-karting, quad-biking, zip-wiring – all the things you can almost guarantee that anyone would enjoy.  

Perhaps there is a big birthday coming up or you just have a slightly larger budget, if so, you could even take your man on a fun-filled weekend away. Is there a city he’s never been to or a special place that he never gets bored of seeing? 


Does your dad, husband, brother, etc. struggle in the fashion department? Maybe they need a helping hand with what to wear in the morning? Or, do they have great style but no time to go shopping? There is always the option to treat them to a luxurious or unique item that you know they will love. 

More often than not, we much prefer to treat other people with nice things, rather than ourselves. A high-quality pair of shoes, a coat, scarf, hat, or shirt that they otherwise wouldn’t have dreamed of buying for themselves is a fool-proof gift to make someone smile.  


Let’s face it, whether you’re buying for men or women in your life, you can’t go wrong with a piece of technology. There is practically a new iPhone, tablet, Kindle, etc. coming out every day, so you can never run out of options. Something techy is a great gift idea as you can adapt it completely to your budget and to the person you’re buying for.  

Granted, not every man will be interested in men’s grooming kits, but when it comes to technology, the chances are that no one would be disappointed with a new tablet or speaker.  


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