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Renting With Pets (and an Introduction to Chester)

Last week I turned 32 and, on the same day, our new puppy came home. Chester is almost nine weeks old now – a gorgeous bundle of energy and unconditional love. He makes me laugh and despair in almost equal measure but the puppy cuddles make up for the 2am toilet breaks and occasionally incessant chewing.


There are numerous benefits to living with animals, particularly dogs, but the path to successful ownership does not always run smooth. One of the biggest hurdles for prospective dog-owners to overcome in modern Britain is private renting and whether their landlord will allow them to keep pets in their rented accommodation. It is understandable that landlords would be hesitant to allow animals in their properties as they can cause problems when not cared for properly, but this does not make it any less frustrating when, as a responsible pet owner, you find yourself unable to move house or bring your pets home to live with you.

chester 3

We currently rent and have jumped through a number of hoops to be allowed to have Chester but realise we are fortunate – some landlords are a lot more strict and hesitant to entertain the idea of pets.

So what can you do if this is the case for you?

It has been suggested to me that one option is to offer a higher deposit, if you are looking to move with pets, or an extra security deposit if you are already renting privately and would like to buy a pet. This may persuade some reluctant landlords to relax their rules as it means there is extra cash to hand in the event that the pet causes damage to the property.

Another option is to suggest your landlord take out landlord insurance,┬áif they don’t already have it, as this offers protection against accidental damage, amongst other things.

Above all, keep calm and don’t despair. If you get nowhere with one landlord, it doesn’t mean there isn’t another one out there who will be more receptive to your request! Keep the faith and you too could soon be enjoying the joys of renting with pets.

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