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Why I use Pay-As-You-Go Sims and Some of the Best Deals Around

When I was 12, I used my paper round wages to buy my first mobile phone; a pay-as-you-go handset on a network that barely had any coverage in the rural village in which I grew up. Of course, that didn’t matter; I still absolutely loved the thing, however useless it proved to be. In the two decades that have (quite incredibly) passed since that day, I have had a succession of newer models, all PAYG. You may expect that, after a certain age, I would have switched to a contract, but no. For me, the benefits of a pay-as-you-go SIM outweigh anything their contract counterparts are able to offer.


The biggest plus point for me is the flexibility. I can easily switch networks or upgrade my handset without having to look into my contract first. There are also a number of ways to gain the advantages of a contract without having to sign up to a year-long deal, or even longer in some cases. My current network is Vodafone and offers fantastic Big Value Bundles – packages of data, texts and calls that can be used throughout a month-long period and then renewed the next month. I generally spend £10 a month on this service and it is so easy to use; I simply top up once a month and then the bundle price is taken from my balance. This option saves me a lot of money compared to keeping my balance as credit, which is the mistake I used to make. Without the bundle, texts would be 10p each and data is just extortionate, so they really come in handy to make your money go further.

Other great value pay-as-you-go sim deals come from companies such as giffgaff, who offer a mammoth 15GB of data for just £15 a month, and Three, who recommend their slightly more expensive monthly deal of unlimited date, texts and calls for £24. Most networks have similar offers, so check out the coverage for your area before narrowing down your search.

Do you prefer pay-as-you-go to contract, or would you consider making the switch after reading up on the new PAYG deals? Let me know in the comments below.



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