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Keep Your Garden Looking Glorious- All Winter Long!


You might not be able to sit out in your garden as much as you’d like over the autumn and winter, but it’s still nice to keep it looking pretty. A nice garden gives the home kerb appeal and is also good to sit and look out at from the window while sipping a hot drink when the weather is cold. The trouble is, it can be tricky keeping the garden looking alive when many plants naturally start breaking down at this time of year and don’t make an appearance again until the spring. Here are some ways you can get around this.

Keep your lawn maintained

Lawns are pretty hardy, as long as they’re well maintained they should stay green all the way throughout the year- making your garden look more alive. As we move into autumn, now is the time to use a lawn feed which is high in potash and phosphates- these encourage root growth and help protect the grass from frost and icy conditions. Be sure not to confuse this with a springtime fertiliser, these are high in nitrogen and promotes top growth. You don’t want to encourage this right now since these soft new leaves are easily damaged by cold winter weather.

Include evergreen plants, shrubs and hedging

As your summer flowering pots, flower beds and borders start to come to an end, you garden can be left looking a little bland and dull. The way to get around this is to plant shrubs and evergreen foliage which will last all year and keep your garden looking lively. Adding a hedge around your garden keeps your property looking green, and also provides hiding places for wildlife. Sites like Hedgeplants Heijnen have plenty to choose from so go with a hedge that suits your garden.

Find winter flowering plants

Speaking of flowers, while most will only bloom up until the autumn, there are varieties that spring up during the colder months. These winter flowers can be a godsend, and add some much needed colour and interest until the spring rolls back around again. If you want to keep your hanging baskets looking pretty or want to liven up areas of your garden these allow you to do so. Do some research into what’s available and what will grow over the winter in your climate zone.

Add artificials

Finally, if you want something foolproof or perhaps you’re just looking for low maintenance then consider artificial outdoor plants. These can have a reputation of looking a little tacky and obvious but there are actually some great ones on the market these days. Perfect for keeping colour in your garden, no need to look after them! Again, hanging baskets work well, or you could blend some fake outdoor blooms in with your flowerpots and beds amongst the real life shrubs for a super realistic finish.

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