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Creating A Cool Summer Reserve In Your Garden

The summer time is just around the corner, and that means it’s the perfect time to sort your garden into a shape that’s perfect for the hot and humid weather ahead. After all, a summer time garden has a lot of colour and brightness to it, and that’s going to take some planting to get ready for!

But if you’re not sure where to start with your cool summer reserve, we’ve got some inspirational ideas below that might just give you a clue. And above all, make sure the garden you’re cultivating both looks and feels like you! 


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You’ll Need Colourful Flowers!

Summer is all about colour, and that means you’re going to need to plant all sorts of colours within your summer reserve garden. Depending on your own tastes, of course, some flowers are going to be more desired than others. 

If you’re someone who loves purple, flowers like Hydrangeas will go down a treat. If you’re a fan of pink, there’s Dahlias. If you like yellows and oranges that are warm like the sun, it’s time to plant a Sunflower or two. All in all, just take a look around your local garden centre when you can, or pick through some seed packets online, and see what pops out at you. 

Create a Tree Border

A border of trees will help to keep the sun off of you and your house, and during the summer time, that’s key to feeling comfortable (and not sweat ridden!) whilst lounging around or trying to sleep at night. 

The trees will go a long way for absorbing most of the sun’s rays, whilst providing your home with a bit of much needed shade, and that’s perfect for creating a cool and private haven away from prying eyes in your garden too. 

If you don’t know where to start with tree planting, be sure to get in touch with companies like sydney tree for some much needed advice and/or a service to work your yard for you. It’s hard to fell old trees yourself, and might be even harder to transplant some! 

Give Yourself a Place to Hang Out

You’re also going to want to create a good patio or lawn space for a summer garden, where you can host parties or BBQs, and generally just have an outdoors space that’s safe and private enough to hang out in. 

Make sure you can put furniture out there, and that you can sit and enjoy the breeze and shade – and always make sure your patio is situated in an area that’s easy to keep dry, in case those summer storms hit! Dot some cushions around, make sure any decking is varnished and dry, and try to include some potted plants in the corners of the patio for something a lot more cosy. 

Your garden could be the perfect space for the summer time, so make sure you’ve prepared the space accordingly! Make it cosy and breezy – you deserve it!

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