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Five Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy During Lockdown

As we keep hearing, we are living in unprecedented times. Not for generations has the entire population been subject to a global pandemic resulting in a strict lockdown. The changes this has brought about in our personal lives have been huge. For the majority of us, we are spending most of our days indoors with our families. With no work or school to go to, this means we are having to get creative with our time to keep ourselves, and our children, occupied.

It isn’t an easy task for any of us, especially given the anxious times we are living through. I am writing this to share a handful of ideas of activities to bring the whole family together and hopefully spread a few smiles along the way.

Learn Spanish

Learning a language as a family is a fun way to spend an hour each day and is great for providing a sense of achievement. There are many apps and online classes available to make use of while we are unable to visit regular classes.


We all know P.E. with Joe is a great way for the whole family to exercise together but it doesn’t have to stop there. Yoga, pilates and aerobics are all great ways to have fun as a family. As of today, it is also possible to exercise outdoors as much as you like, so why not go on a family walk or bike ride, play football or badminton in the park, or even head to the beach for an invigorating sea swim?

Learn to cook

Cooking is an activity most children enjoy, and now is a good time to for parents to teach their children new skills in the kitchen. Whether it’s baking a cake to drop off for someone’s birthday or making their own pizzas for lunch, you’re sure to have fun together. Cooking also incorporates maths and science so is a good tool to supplement your children’s home learning.

Play board games

If you are finding your children (and you!) are spending too much time glued to screens at the moment, why not instigate a board games afternoon? Play your favourites as a family, taking it in turns to choose which games to play. Active games such as Twister are great for encouraging children to move more, and always a laugh too! You could even have a go at inventing your own games…

Camp in the garden

Family holidays probably seem like a dim and distant memory but there’s no reason why you can’t try and recreate some of the fun of a trip away in the safety of your own back garden. Pitch the tent, spark up the barbecue, grab the fairy lights, swing-ball, fire pit, and whatever else reminds you of holidays. If you don’t have access to a garden, try camping in the lounge – kids love it!

What are you doing to while away the hours right now? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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