About Us

Welcome to Smiles and Trials!

My name is Jen and this blog is my way of documenting the life of my family.  Children change so quickly; every day, in fact.  My aim is to record not just the important milestones but the little things that may otherwise be forgotten.

The interesting dress sense of a two year old:


First steps:

jas1ststeps                           sonny1ststeps

First shoes:


First pets:




Learning to write:


The list is endless!

Smiles and Trials is written about (and for) my two children – Jasmine, aged four (going on 14) and Sonny, aged two.  As a family, we are happy to review products either by blogging, Tweeting, or via Facebook.

Please email us at smilesandtrials@outlook.com, or fill in the contact form below, with any details of blogging opportunities.

We are particularly interested in reviewing craft supplies, toys, day trips, baking kits, kitchen gadgets and anything that may be considered a treat for a busy mummy.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the blog.