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More Tea, Grandad?

Caught in a curious freeze-frame between life and death, we wait with you.

Resolutely alive; the same man I have known and loved throughout my entire existence

Yet undeniably trapped on the fringes of life as we once knew it.

Simultaneously drained of both heartache and hope,

I am (sadly) still, by turns, able to feel both emotions

Suddenly, fleetingly;

A stab through the heart

A lump in the throat

A tentative butterfly behind my ribs.

You squeeze my hand as I hold yours tight,

We talk; swap memories, exchange love.

Tread the well-worn paths of stories old,

Wondering what it would take to make them new;

Today’s truth.

Every day into which we both awaken,

Feels almost too beautiful a gift;

An answered plea, for sure.

One I wish could be acknowledged forever.

My heart breaks

With the inevitability of it all.

“More tea, Grandad?”

Are the words I speak the most.

“Yes please,”

Comes your reply.

Such unfaltering charm and good manners,

To the very end.

I love you;

Forever and always.


DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

I say this every year but Christmas just seems to have this unnerving ability to sneak up on me when I’m looking the other way and I suddenly find myself more than halfway through November with nothing planned…  Indeed, it’s happened again and I was beginning to panic but instead decided to get organised.  I adore Christmas and love to make the most of it, planning breakfasts with Santa, Christmas light walks (one of my favourite activities), advent books, Christmas Eve boxes, festive shopping trips, Christingles and so much more.


One of my absolute favourite parts of the whole season is immersing myself in baking and craft sessions with the children and today I have been starting to research all the little homemade activities that we love to do together, including making holly wreaths, pomanders, shortbread, Christmas cake, salt dough decorations and Lebkuchen.  Oh, and not forgetting the delightful stained glass window biscuits that we make to hang on the tree every year – they are so beautiful and super easy to make!


For more homemade decoration ideas, I have been perusing this Christmas DIY Decorating Bible, which is jam packed with brilliant inspiration, from small projects that the kids can do, to more complex activities, including my personal favourites – snow clouds!!  Not a chance I’d ever be able to make them, but they are super cute.


Do you like to make, bake and create things over the festive period?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

One Day

One day your voice will fall silent

One day your hand will not grip mine

One day side bay 10 will cease to be your home

One day its resident seagull will tap the window in recognition at a whole new person

One day I won’t pack sandwiches for nan

Because one day you will be unable to eat lunch side by side

One day I will leave the house and not follow my heart to the hospital

One day I will not have to arrive in time to feed you lunch

One day there will be no cause to tick the boxes that order that lunch for the following day

One day I will not kiss your cheek in greeting

I will not reach for your hand

I will not bring endless cups of tea to your lips

I will not burst with pride at your courage

Nor be inspired by your love

One day I will hear my last “thank you for everything”

Speak one final “I love you”

One day your voice will be a memory

(One I hope I never forget)

One day my heart will break

That day was not today

But that day is coming

One day

One day soon


The Benefits of Using a Smart Door Lock

When I was about 15, I came home from high school one day having lost my front door key; my dad was at work and my mum was out with my younger sisters.  Yep, I was locked out.  I tried all three access doors and none would budge so then, out of sheer desperation, I went into the garden where I noticed that the kitchen window was open in the air-lock position.  I managed to use a stick to unhook the lock and open the window as far as it would go (not that far, in all honesty), hurled my school bag inside, climbed up on to the windowsill and jumped through the window into the kitchen sink.  All in all, not the most graceful way to enter one’s home.


That’s not actual footage from the occasion, incidentally.

My own children are not yet old enough to travel to and from school alone but, when they do, I’m thankful that technology has found a solution to the predicament I found myself in that day.  Enter: smart door lock.


The perfect solution not only for busy parents but also for families during the festive season as the smart lock enables remote access; ideal for when relatives arrive out of the blue!

What do you think of the Smart Lock technology?  Would you consider using it?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Experience Year-Round Fun At A Luxury Alpine Ski Resort In Ischgl

If you thought skiing holidays were just for the winter, think again! Kristall Spaces hosts an impressive range of luxury Alpine ski resorts in and around the Austrian Tyrol, with a wealth of amusements on offer no matter what time of year you visit! Rent an apartment for as long as you like, take a walk on the wild side with trekking, hiking and mountain biking, or even kayaking and abseiling – the sky’s the limit.


For a better idea of the après-ski options available, see the Daily Star’s article on the subject – there are gyms, saunas, cinemas, restaurants, bars and free WiFi; you can also take in the ambiance and majesty of the surrounding mountainside, with stunning views dotting the area no matter the season.


WeLove2Ski has a detailed breakdown of everything you can expect to find in the Ischgl resort, as well as information on its substantial après-ski scene and concert venues.  But best of all, the rental apartments are also available to buy as investment properties with an average growth rate of 4.6%. Your apartment will also be rented out for you while you’re away, generating additional income over time.  This allows you to have a holiday home that contributes while you’re away, and a cosy lodging while you’re neck-deep in the snow. For more images and information on the experience offered by Ischgl, see the Guardian’s article on the topic.


There are constant developments happening in Ischgl, as well; 40 new luxury apartments are expected within the next year, as well as an onsite swimming pool, restaurant and bar, all based in a location that catches the optimal amount of sunlight. The facilities are exquisite and the rental service is fully managed during your absence, so there’s really never been a better time to look for a property for sale in Ischgl.

This article was written by David Newman of Ad Lab, an eCommerce marketing agency based in Hertfordshire. David has a keen interest in travel and lifestyle topics, and strives to write about them as often as he can.