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An electric atmosphere at Teesside Audi as new e-tron rolls into town

Motoring fans on Teesside have been treated to one of the stand out car launches of 2019, as the new all-electric Audi e-tron was previewed at Teesside Audi. 

The first fully electric model for the brand, the Audi e-tron is due to be released in April and is expected to set the standard for luxury electric vehicles, with features that will take the technology to the next stage of development. 

But before it does, Audi has been touring the country with the car, allowing motoring enthusiasts to get up close to what many consider to be the new challenger to the Jaguar I-PACE when it comes to today’s new breed of luxury EVs. 

A world class leading car in terms of build quality, The SUV provides a zero-emissions alternative to the likes of the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC and features a plethora of technological advancements. 

Among the more innovative features on the Launch Edition is the integration of two high-definition cameras in place of traditional door mirrors, adaptive air suspension, LED headlights and charging points on both sides.  

Placed under the passenger compartment, its 95kWh 36-cell battery system drives two electric motors that allow it to go from 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds, with its 402bhp helping it to achieve a top speed 124mph. 

The combination of a classic Audi look and era defining technology certainly turned a few heads during the car’s visit to Teesside Audi, part of the Lookers group, with fans eager to voice their opinions. 

Teesside Audi customer Andrew, who has ordered the car himself, said: “I think the new e-tron looks great and better in real life than all the pictures I have previously seen as I have followed its progress through to launch. The styling clearly follows all the traditions of the Q series – which I am a great fan of. The rear design of the car I particularly like as it provides its own genuine character. I cannot wait to get my own!”  

Motor journalists have already heaped praise on the car for its practicality and classic Audi looks, while pointing out that it represents the perfect stepping stone for those unsure about the potential of electric motoring. 

Seamus Watson, Head of Business at Teesside Audi, said: “It’s been very exciting here at Teesside Audi. To get the chance to showcase what could turn out to be an era-defining car for Audi was a massive privilege. Our customers also appreciated the chance to see the car in person and had nothing but high praise to share with us. We can’t wait to welcome it into the showroom permanently once it’s launched officially.”  e-tron-inside-dealership-low-res


Garden Tips for Allergy Sufferers


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Springtime is on the way, and many people will be gearing themselves up to get out into the garden.

Now is the time to prepare our garden for the summer season, planting seasonal crops in readiness for the months ahead. It’s the time for our children to get outside after the colder months, to explore, play, and burn off energy. And it’s time to sit outdoors in the warmer weather, perhaps to relax with a good book and a glass of wine.

It’s the time for all of these things unless you are an allergy sufferer. If you’re somebody who is prone to allergy symptoms because of the high pollen counts at this time of year, you are more likely to stay indoors with the doors and windows firmly sealed for protection. Unless, of course, you consider the tips we have given you below.

  • Consider artificial grass. 95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen, so while you might be resistant to replacing your grass with something artificial, when it comes to hay fever vs artificial grass, it might be a no-brainer. This is your way to reduce your allergy symptoms, and it will also give you the opportunity to enjoy your gardens again, without any nuisance coughs and sneezes.
  • Time your garden activities. You don’t have to stay indoors all day, as generally speaking, pollen counts rise during the morning and peak around midday. If you want to enjoy your garden, you could time your activities for early morning and late afternoon and early evening, when in theory, the pollen counts should be at their lowest. This is all relative, as high winds could exacerbate the problem and keep the pollen count high, so use your common sense. If you’re unsure, check the pollen count for your area online.
  • Choose your plants carefully. When you’re looking to purchase plants for your garden, be careful what you choose. These flowers and plants are particularly bad for people with allergies, so you may want to keep them to a minimum. Instead, choose those plants that don’t release airborne pollen, such as tulips, roses, and daffodils. Be careful where you place them too. Even those plants that are considered allergy-friendly can be problematic if placed indoors or near doors and windows, so place them in an area where you can still enjoy their beauty, but without the risk of any pesky pollen.
  • Take precautions. You can reduce harm to yourself by taking allergy medications, so speak to your local pharmacist for advice. When you’re outside, wearing protective clothing such as a hat, sunglasses, and a long-sleeve t-shirt will go some way towards protecting you. Keen gardeners should also wear a face mask and a pair of gloves while working. And if you haven’t opted for artificial grass, be sure to mow your lawn regularly, and trim your hedges and bushes, as this way, you will reduce the amount of airborne pollen released into the air.

You can’t completely eliminate the risk of hay fever and other pollen-based allergies, but you can take steps to reduce it. Follow our suggestions, and hopefully, you will be able to fully enjoy your garden in the spring and summer months, whatever it is you like to get up to. Let us know your thoughts, and if you have any other tips, be sure to let us know.

Press release: Volkswagen Battersea reopens at state-of-the-art new site

Lookers VW BatterseaLookers Volkswagen Battersea has started 2019 by opening a brand new £10 million showroom. 

The new showroom, at York Road, forms part of a partnership with Linden Homes, which has seen £100m invested in a mixed-use housing and commercial scheme.  

The 90,000 sq ft fully internal dealership represents £10m of the joint investment and displays 90 used cars and 17 new cars, as well as an increased choice of accessories.  

The servicing department has also received a revamp and comprises 14 service and repair bays as well as two dedicated MOT bays.  

The changes have certainly made an impact, with the new site already helping to increase the location’s customer satisfaction ratings to above the national average since opening.  

The new site has also created 20 jobs so far to cater for the extra footfall, with 65 people based there in total.  

There are 18 customer parking bays on site, including a priority bay for easy accessibility, and two electric car ports. A dedicated EV area comes complete with iPad tutorials and vehicle examples, as well as an electric charging location map.  

The duplex showroom gives visitors the chance to browse a wide range of models, as well as relax at the in-branch coffee shop with free superfast Wi-Fi. Each floor also has a dedicated children’s play room, equipped with books, activity sheets and iPads. 

Several office spaces are also available for customers to use while waiting for their car to be serviced, helping them to avoid any disruption to their working day.  

The new VW Battersea site is now open for business, but will be rolling out the red carpet for an official launch between March 7th – 10th, where vintage cars will be on display alongside hot food and refreshments. 

The new showroom will soon be welcoming a host of new models through its doors, including the new T-Cross SUV.  

John Sands, Brand Manager at Lookers Volkswagen Battersea, said: “We’re thrilled with the new dealership and the increased facilities it has given us. The showroom is an impressive space that is delighting our customers and giving them the space they need to enjoy their experience with us to the fullest. The environment we’ve created is ideal for such a prestigious brand and it’s a pleasure to welcome our customers through its doors.” 

Duncan McPhee, Lookers Volkswagen Franchise Director, said: “Our new dealership in Battersea is a huge step up in terms of the look and feel of the customer experience. Volkswagen is a key brand for Lookers and we are proud to be able to represent it so magnificently at the new site.” 


Why Every Busy Parent Should Be Using Lawn Care Services…


As parents, we can all relate to thinking we were tired and busy before having children, then once we have children we realise… we really weren’t that busy at all!  

With the school run, your career, feeding everyone, keeping the house clean and more – lawn care is the last thing on our list. It probably hasn’t even crossed your mind, right?  

Actually though, having a family with little ones means that it is especially important to keep your garden in good shape. Mainly, because a healthy lawn provides the perfect safe space for your children to play in, whilst getting fresh air at the same time. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is a metre long and/or wide or if your house backs onto acres of land – looking after your lawn will not go amiss!  

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to factor gardening into your everyday routine because that is simply not feasible and unnecessary. You should make the most of the range of lawn care services out there, so you can keep on top of your lawn’s health without really having to lift a finger.  

What can professional lawn care services offer?   

Lawn care services can offer a wide range of effective treatments to keep your lawn healthy and protected, whether you have professionals visiting your garden once a month, once every few months or even just once a year.  

Greensleeves are a professional lawn care company who specialise in providing a high-quality lawn care service to customers across the UK. You can schedule their professionals in to visit your lawn as little or as often as you like. Their seasonal treatments are a great way to make sure that your lawn can stay thriving and power through any challenges that the wonderful English weather may throw at it!  

Why you should use lawn care services… 

Focus on more important matters… 

The first big reason why lawn care services are highly recommendable for busy parents is the amount of time (and effort) that they can save. You can go as far as scheduling in lawn care treatments for each season year-round so once they are booked in – you are good to go!  

With lawn care taken off your plate, you can focus on all the other more important mum/dad duties and tackle your never-ending to-do list. You will thank yourself later and your kids will thank you too (maybe). 

Safe and happy space for children… 

Another advantage of using lawn care services is that a happy lawn can transform any garden into a fun and secure environment for children to enjoy themselves in. You might be wondering whether professional lawn treatments are safe for children and/or pets, the answer is yes!  

If you choose Greensleeves for your lawn care services, your grass is completely safe for children and pets to play on even immediately once it has been treated, so you can rest easy. The only restriction with professional treatments is that animals which tend to eat the grass should be kept off for around a week.  

Adults can benefit too… 

As well as your children benefiting from lawn care services, us adults can too!  

Having a healthy lawn means that you can generally be proud of your garden and feel happy hosting barbecues or family/friend get-togethers, knowing that the little ones can play safely and entertain themselves.  

Cocktails-in-the-Garden-Yes-Please-Summer-staycationWhy not enjoy a glass of wine or two sat out on the lawn in the summer months? Maintaining a happy-looking lawn provides you with plenty of opportunities to invite friends and family over or to spend time outdoors, without hesitation. 

An Eventful Occasion: Making Sure Your Children Get The Most From Their Summer Vacation

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If you are trying to find ways to occupy your mind during these miserable winter months, when you are lacking in finances, and the ghost of Christmas has flown away, maybe it’s time to give thought to the summer. After all, blissful sunshine, the thoughts of vacations, and lazing around with our favorite drink can keep us going during the underwhelming early months of this year. But, the one thing that comes with the summer is the children; they’re not in school and they can very easily get under our feet. So, the overriding thought would be to ensure that your children get the most out of the summer months. You can either do things with them, or you can give them things to do. So, let’s provide you with some inspiration…

Escape The Rat Race

If you dream of a vacation in another country but the finances don’t lend themselves too well, you could think about renting a vacation home. It’s still a vacation of sorts, just that you are getting out of the neighbourhood and making the most of another place. You can look at this website to rent vacation homes, and even though you might not be traveling so far, you can pick somewhere that’s by the sea so you can just get a change of scenery. This can give you the opportunity to spend a bit more time with your children, and just enjoy some simple, leisurely activities. And if you can find somewhere where your children don’t need to look at their phones every 24 seconds, consider this a bonus!

Activities At Home…

A very real concern for parents is the so-called “learning slide”. This is where children’s skills learned in school can gradually deplete over the summer months. In which case, you may you feel the temptation to give them a pile of books, but you know you’ll have a battle on your hands. Instead, consider the alternative route to keeping their brains active. Exercising is something that you wouldn’t consider to be a mental activity of sorts, but a workout, in general, can help your children to retain some form of mental strength. And as a plus, there are plenty of exercises you can do with your children as a full family workout. But this isn’t the only thing you can do; you can take inspiration from other parents and set your children little tasks that they may not necessarily do, as this keeps them occupied but still develops their cognitive abilities.

Whether you have the money or not, a summer vacation could be the opportunity for you to spend quality time with your children, but also give them the chance to develop skills they wouldn’t usually learn in school. At the same time, if they work incredibly hard during the school months, you need to give them the opportunity to unwind. Children are under so much pressure in schools, even at a young age, that you’ve got to get the balance right so that they go back to school feeling refreshed, but also they haven’t spent the entire summer sat in front of the television! Either way, there’s no need to make the summer months an uneventful occasion.