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My Very Own Christmas Wish List

Every year, I write a Christmas wish list for myself. I must admit I don’t think I have ever received anything on the lists, but I enjoy compiling them regardless. It’s always nice to do a bit of virtual window shopping, after all. Here are some of the items that have caught my eye this year: Floral hand cream trio, £22.99, L’Occitane I love the violet and lavender scents and can always use a hand cream in the winter months so this set would be very useful. Glitter mini wallet, £12, Accessorize My current wallet is black, which, quite frankly, is just not good enough.   Vans, £46.99, tReds  Preferably purple, but I’m not too fussy. Ted Baker Home diffuser, £24., Love the Sales Leather across-body bag, £49, Accessorize I have a couple of huge bags and would really like a new smaller one.   Sanctuary Spa gift set, £16, Boots I’m a big fan of Sanctuary, particularly the scrubs and bath oils, and would love this little bag of loveliness to take away with …


DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

I say this every year but Christmas just seems to have this unnerving ability to sneak up on me when I’m looking the other way and I suddenly find myself more than halfway through November with nothing planned…  Indeed, it’s happened again and I was beginning to panic but instead decided to get organised.  I adore Christmas and love to make the most of it, planning breakfasts with Santa, Christmas light walks (one of my favourite activities), advent books, Christmas Eve boxes, festive shopping trips, Christingles and so much more. One of my absolute favourite parts of the whole season is immersing myself in baking and craft sessions with the children and today I have been starting to research all the little homemade activities that we love to do together, including making holly wreaths, pomanders, shortbread, Christmas cake, salt dough decorations and Lebkuchen.  Oh, and not forgetting the delightful stained glass window biscuits that we make to hang on the tree every year – they are so beautiful and super easy to make! For more …

Christmas Security Tips with Yale

You may have to pinch yourself to believe it but it’s officially Christmas, with the big day itself a mere three sleeps away. Sadly, we cannot afford to be lax about our home security purely because it is the festive season. In fact, theft of presents from beneath Christmas trees and other obvious places is a stark reminder of just how cautious we should be. To help us remember the necessary measures to take in order to stay safe, Yale have put together this lovely little video of Christmas security tips: Take note, take action, and then enjoy Christmas 🙂

Christmas on the i360

Today we took a flight with Santa, in Brighton of all places. The sea a reflection of the slate grey sky, I was not very optimistic that we would see a great deal, but the children were rather giddy with excitement. We were asked to arrive at the British Airways i360 20 minutes pre-flight, which gave enough time to have our tickets scanned, pose for photos, present our bags for checking and be scanned before entry. Soon after checking in, we were boarding the i360. The children, of course, couldn’t wait to check out the views. Inside the donut, as we affectionately refer to it, is spacious with seating around the back wall. There is a champagne bar but no toilet. Then there are the views. Admittedly, beneath today’s drape of mist, we could not see much further than the Marina, but it was interesting to see Brighton from a new perspective. All this week, right up until Christmas Eve, there are Santa flights twice daily, at 2 and 4pm. There is an increased fee …

Natural Christmas Decorations with Saltrock

The four of us are huge Saltrock fans, particularly of their gorgeous snuggly hoodies. I regularly scour the website for new additions to our wardrobes and, on my most recent visit, I stumbled upon a blog post all about Christmas decorations that can be made from the many treasures children find on nature walks and during afternoons at the beach. I think the pinecone ideas are my favourite. Who knew they could be so versatile and so festive?! I love these two gems: So simple yet really effective and I’m sure most children could easily manage them with minimal adult assistance.  Next time you’re out and about with your little ones, why not grab a few natural treasures and see if you can make something with them? Saltrock hoodies obviously optional, but I’d certainly recommend them 🙂