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Craft Wishlist for Kids

Arts and crafts with kids is a great way to spend time together; it is relaxing, creative, encourages expression of feelings, thoughts and opinions and can be fabulously sensory. Jasmine has always been very creative, she just loves to express herself through artistic materials. I remember very clearly at nursery, and in reception class at school, she came home every day with a junk model or several paintings/drawings. Her book bag is always stuffed with sheets of paper and she has no fear of being messy – in fact, she absolutely relishes any opportunity to get stuck in. Sonny was never as fussed when he was smaller but this year is getting much more into painting and drawing and sticking; for Easter, he painted hedgehog plant pots for his teachers as gifts and he really focussed during the process. For me, art, craft and messy play activities could not be less about any finished product, it is all about the processes used to achieve the eventual outcome, and the fun they have throughout. As such, …

Natural Christmas Decorations with Saltrock

The four of us are huge Saltrock fans, particularly of their gorgeous snuggly hoodies. I regularly scour the website for new additions to our wardrobes and, on my most recent visit, I stumbled upon a blog post all about Christmas decorations that can be made from the many treasures children find on nature walks and during afternoons at the beach. I think the pinecone ideas are my favourite. Who knew they could be so versatile and so festive?! I love these two gems: So simple yet really effective and I’m sure most children could easily manage them with minimal adult assistance.  Next time you’re out and about with your little ones, why not grab a few natural treasures and see if you can make something with them? Saltrock hoodies obviously optional, but I’d certainly recommend them 🙂 


Roald Dahl Day – Golden Ticket Costume

My children adore Roald Dahl stories. It all started with the audio books – bought primarily in the hopes that they would encourage the boy to stay in bed instead of getting up ten times before settling (they work pretty well). Quickly, my children realised that they love the stories and the music that goes with them, the voices of the readers and everything else. We bought the books to go with them and read chapters before bed and listening to more. On top of this, Miss J has spent a term at school learning about Roald Dahl – not just the stories but the man behind them. So, this Roald Dahl Day, we were keen to make an effort.  Year 2 (Miss J’s year) are dressing up today, as characters from Roald Dahl stories. Weeks ago, when we heard about the opportunity, Miss J wanted to go as an Oompah Loomah and had seen the costume she wanted online. However, as we had three other dress up days this month, including World Book Day …

Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

It’s great to get Christmas cards and to give them out is a genuine feel good moment. But how many last beyond the season? And how much real thought goes into them? It’s a great idea to let the kids loose on making them, not for everyone of course. Though you may like the idea of setting up a production line! But what about making some very cool personalized ones for close family? These are a real keeper and can be a lot of fun to look back on. Those of you who keep memory boxes will want to add these. So here are a few thoughts and ideas on the subject. Feel free to add some of your suggestions. Collecting useful bits and pieces. To be honest, if you’d have kept last year’s cards, not only could they be cut up for gifts tags but they can be raided for great Christmas imagery. A robin here and a Christmas bauble there, can all be glued onto your new creation. It can be a good …

Edible Sparklers

There has been a cold doing the rounds for about three weeks Chez Moi. Yesterday, the boy and I were feeling particularly sorry for ourselves, so I suggested that we make edible sparklers. A really easy craft and perfect for the Bonfire weekend. To make edible sparklers, all you will need is some breadsticks, white chocolate and some sprinkles or edible glitter.  Firstly, melt the chocolate. We used a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Next up, allow the children to take control. Watch them dip their breadsticks in the chocolate and then into the sprinkles. Et voila! Edible sparklers. Oh, and happy children!