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More Tea, Grandad?

Caught in a curious freeze-frame between life and death, we wait with you. Resolutely alive; the same man I have known and loved throughout my entire existence Yet undeniably trapped on the fringes of life as we once knew it. Simultaneously drained of both heartache and hope, I am (sadly) still, by turns, able to feel both emotions Suddenly, fleetingly; A stab through the heart A lump in the throat A tentative butterfly behind my ribs. You squeeze my hand as I hold yours tight, We talk; swap memories, exchange love. Tread the well-worn paths of stories old, Wondering what it would take to make them new; Today’s truth. Every day into which we both awaken, Feels almost too beautiful a gift; An answered plea, for sure. One I wish could be acknowledged forever. My heart breaks With the inevitability of it all. “More tea, Grandad?” Are the words I speak the most. “Yes please,” Comes your reply. Such unfaltering charm and good manners, To the very end. I love you; Forever and always.