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More Tea, Grandad?

Caught in a curious freeze-frame between life and death, we wait with you. Resolutely alive; the same man I have known and loved throughout my entire existence Yet undeniably trapped on the fringes of life as we once knew it. Simultaneously drained of both heartache and hope, I am (sadly) still, by turns, able to feel both emotions Suddenly, fleetingly; A stab through the heart A lump in the throat A tentative butterfly behind my ribs. You squeeze my hand as I hold yours tight, We talk; swap memories, exchange love. Tread the well-worn paths of stories old, Wondering what it would take to make them new; Today’s truth. Every day into which we both awaken, Feels almost too beautiful a gift; An answered plea, for sure. One I wish could be acknowledged forever. My heart breaks With the inevitability of it all. “More tea, Grandad?” Are the words I speak the most. “Yes please,” Comes your reply. Such unfaltering charm and good manners, To the very end. I love you; Forever and always.

One Day

One day your voice will fall silent One day your hand will not grip mine One day side bay 10 will cease to be your home One day its resident seagull will tap the window in recognition at a whole new person One day I won’t pack sandwiches for nan Because one day you will be unable to eat lunch side by side One day I will leave the house and not follow my heart to the hospital One day I will not have to arrive in time to feed you lunch One day there will be no cause to tick the boxes that order that lunch for the following day One day I will not kiss your cheek in greeting I will not reach for your hand I will not bring endless cups of tea to your lips I will not burst with pride at your courage Nor be inspired by your love One day I will hear my last “thank you for everything” Speak one final “I love you” One day your voice …